MEAT: (279)

i always had a little thing for model anthony gallo:



well foxes he is lunch

dive in.

lowkey: he has full frontal meat everywhere.

like so

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “MEAT: (279)”

    1. well but compared to the breathing people i saw in ny, golly i almost swooned and passed out, jamari how tf do you live in that city and complaining about bait? nigga you slipping like shit. I’d be macking n fucking broads and niggas “AWL DEIHY real TAWK

      1. ^smoke and mirrors.

        it is easy to find someone sexy to smash…
        …but what happens after?
        worry about the hiv or stds you got?
        talking too much?
        using you because they broke and need to hustle you for ya money or a place to live?
        there is always “something” out here with these dudes.

      2. yeah thought so.the few I decided to start up a convo with “sound” way different than they “look”. Yeah, don’t judge me.they look tough idgaf but they sound so adorable, nothing wrong with that, just dont advertise falsely. they’re always trying to sell you something comedy show tickets etc and stay out there forever i wondered if they had homes, plus i like when niggas spend so shit it would be a flop…anyway yall got real kandy no wonder some of my bruhs…

        1. ^i know so many females who move here,
          meet a wolf,
          he fucks her stupid,
          uses her stupid,
          she loses her mind,
          she gets bitter,
          ny n*ggas are no joke.
          even being from here i got to watch myself.

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