Michael Jordan Said He Prefers Kobe over Lebron

drama is already going down at all star huh?
this time involving mj and lebron

it’s pretty bad when the greatest player of all time disses you…
…for someone else.

read about it here

i know lebron must have exploded inside when he heard what MJ said,
but his PR answer was actually really admirable…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze-GdPS-RX8]
i’m glad he wasn’t an asshole about it.
you know he can get a little sensitive.

personally speaking,
i think kobe is better.
he is an all around player.
even though he isn’t well liked,
he puts in work.
lebron is a good player,
but sometimes i feel his ego gets in the way.
he often choked during critical plays in important games in the last quarter.
phil jackson has kobe trained for pressure.
i respect that.
not to take away from lebron’s accomplishments,
but kobe wins this round for me.
lj is right about 1 thing.
mj should not be basing his opinion on rings.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Said He Prefers Kobe over Lebron

  1. Kobe is a beast on the court and has that killer instinct and fire, while Lebron is good physically, mentally he needs more work. I think that he was really hurt and is probably pissed, these guys on this level are so fragile and live in a bubble, when everyone tells you are King, you start to believe it, when someone tells you something different it wakens you up to reality. Im sure part of the reason that MJ threw that shade was because of his King title already. This dude has one ring in a shorten season, he chokes under pressure, and is scared to lead so if the size 16 shoe fits you have to wear it. He may says the rings dont mean a thing, but yes they do, they signify greatness at the highest level, and even though MJ seems to be a big major league asshole, his basketball skills speak for themselves and he does not hand out compliments like candy, you have to earn his RESPECT and Kobe has while LeBron is still learning, no doubt LeBron will be remembered as one of the greats but you cant appoint yourself as one of the greats without paying your dues.

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