Baller Wolf Marcus Jordan Had A Small Penis Leak Last Night

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 2.53.45 PM

marcus jordan,
son of michael jordan,
had a booboo last night.
he tweeted his penis picture by mistake,
but cleverly erased it before anyone else saw it.
he must not know my f-bi doesn’t miss a thing…

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Michael Jordan Said He Prefers Kobe over Lebron

drama is already going down at all star huh?
this time involving mj and lebron

it’s pretty bad when the greatest player of all time disses you…
…for someone else.

read about it here

i know lebron must have exploded inside when he heard what MJ said,
but his PR answer was actually really admirable…

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Derrick Rose Loves His Nut Huggers

… and we love him for loving them!

Don’t be upset Derrick.
We are always happy when you show us that you are also a part time model,
as well as incredible Baller Wolf.
Derrick is featured on the May issue of GQ.
Here is a quick sneak peek…

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You Couldn’t Get Jordans If You Was Fuckin’ Michael Jordan

What is it with these sneakers that causes black people to go crazy?

I know.
I know.
They are the hot “thing” that had people going crazy a couple days before Christmas.
Wolves were getting stabbed and beat up.
Vixens were suckin’ dicks and then braggin they got some poor stupid Wolf to cop em for her.
I personally would suck a dick for more than a sneaker…

But that is just me LOL
Wolf or Fox…

What is it about J’s that makes you lose your minds?

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When The Baller Wolf Cheats (You Get Even)….

how would you react if you found out your Baller Wolf cheated on you?

I would probably be hurt for a minute.
Depending on how long we were together, I may cry.
I may break some of his shit up and like Rihanna said:

I’m roasting marshmallows on the fire
And what I’m burning, is your attire

His dick, balls, and WALLET would be MINE.

Juanita Jordan got half of MJ’s estate.
Vanessa Bryant got a pink diamond and real estate.

But Alicia Keys? Oh she got…

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Derrick Rose Has Good Dick…

… or so I am told.
Apparently he fucked a few groupies and they all came back with sold dick reports.
Yum yum.
I could do without him speaking in interviews though.
He has the  “stand there and look sexy” approach DOWN.

He just did the cover for ESPN…
Wanna see?

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