Derrick Rose Has Good Dick…

… or so I am told.
Apparently he fucked a few groupies and they all came back with sold dick reports.
Yum yum.
I could do without him speaking in interviews though.
He has the  “stand there and look sexy” approach DOWN.

He just did the cover for ESPN…
Wanna see?

Here is some behind the scenes stuff:


But, imo, some lucky Fox got the BEST shot of the day:




Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Derrick Rose Has Good Dick…”

  1. I like how the announcers are just glossing over the dude sitting there taking pictures of Rose’s non-existent butt.

    He must be a Wolf, cuz he has nan azzatall…*sigh*

    1. I’m like you. Derrick Rose does nothing for me. The sexiest NBA has got to be Jerryd Bayless!!! Ooh Lawd.

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