When The Baller Wolf Cheats (You Get Even)….

how would you react if you found out your Baller Wolf cheated on you?

I would probably be hurt for a minute.
Depending on how long we were together, I may cry.
I may break some of his shit up and like Rihanna said:

I’m roasting marshmallows on the fire
And what I’m burning, is your attire

His dick, balls, and WALLET would be MINE.

Juanita Jordan got half of MJ’s estate.
Vanessa Bryant got a pink diamond and real estate.

But Alicia Keys? Oh she got…

Swizz Beatz bought her a a pink Lotus car.
He proceeded to tweet this the day after the accusations dropped:

RT @THEREALSWIZZZ best part of my Bday was my gift to my wife because my Bday is her Bday

Not like the Ferrari, Maserati or Porsche I had in mind.
So this a question for my Foxes out there.
If you Baller Wolf cheated on you:

What would be the perfect “I’m Sorry” present?

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26 thoughts on “When The Baller Wolf Cheats (You Get Even)….”

  1. My thing is, why would you need to go out and cheat when I’m doing EVERYTHING to make my wolf happy? If he did cheat, because I’m a shoe lover, my walk in closet like Carrie’s from sex in the city, would have to be lined up with every pair/color J’s, Steve Madden’s, Ferragamo’s, Cortez’s and more. Suit collection would have to
    be every color and style under the sun. The cars would to be maybach coupe, range rover, porche cayenne, Mercedes g wagon, and an automatic and manual Camarro SS, bumblebee version. Plus you need to buy some real estate in Manhattan, Miami, New Orleans, and L.A. or he cab give me half after we’re done with the divorce.

      1. Thanks J! I try to be fashion forward, on a budget. Lol! I have question, I don’t know if you asked this already it’s been a minute since I been on the site. If you had a Baller wolf and he cheated, would you stay and try to work it out or jump ship and collect your half?

  2. Perfect I’m sorry present? Well if I’m with a Baller wolf than I would already have everything i wanted. The cars, the houses, and clothes and they’d be mine to keep. I guess the best he could do it go out and find someone better that won’t cheat and put me down lol.

  3. i can never imagine myself crying over a guy anymore. usually when something happens, no matter what, i just get either jaded, emotionless, or angry. thats not to say i wouldnt max out all his credit cards and leave him on the corner begging. i have a sadistic side. lol. that you dont see unless im PISSED.

      1. The thing that freaks me out about myself is that me and this dude could be friends since birth, relationship for years, deep in love, but if he cheated *something more than a kiss* I would just want rly devious revenge. Not shed a tear at all.

  4. bestbook :

    Thanks J! I try to be fashion forward, on a budget. Lol! I have question, I don’t know if you asked this already it’s been a minute since I been on the site. If you had a Baller wolf and he cheated, would you stay and try to work it out or jump ship and collect your half?

    Depends on how long we been down, ya know?
    If it was a long time, I’d stay and have him by the balls.
    If it was a short time, Id move on FAST.

  5. Reason I ask is because a lot of people would just throw in the towel and collect their mills, spending the rest of the lives searching for love, when it could have been right there in front of them. Just me wondering on my off day.

  6. I would get even. Sure I could spend all they cash get a new car and clothes but that’s almost like admitting defeat. Since he wana creep I just might do the same. And the kicker is I would do it with 1 if his enemy’s and if he got all salty I would say ” his shit is way better” (evil laugh) ha ha ha ha ha

  7. i could never out anyone to their family. i get pissed, i can be a asshole, but thats just something as another person you dont do. id probably just get someone to make him fall deeply in love with them and then break his heart. after i use my acting skills to make him feel extremely guilty. this shits the mind-game olympics and im going for gold!

  8. Revenge does nothing for me (been there, done that), but make me angry everytime I see that car, suit, etc. Not to say that I don’t get it, but I would probably throw his ish out on the street & let him sleep over there since he liked it so much.

    I’d likely move on. Forgive – yes, but stay — probably not.

  9. Let me be perfectly honest, I turn psycho when crossed by anyone. I come for people I never even liked in the first place so I can only imagine what Id do to someone I actually loved. I don’t do any of that childs play stuff either. I come hard. I drawn on everything I’ve learned about you and hit you where it hurts. The scariest part is I can wait for years for the perfect time. lol

      1. Depends on the situation. I don’t think I could get over something like that.

        That’s the equivalent of another wolf pissing in my territory.

      2. Never. You cheat, you’re gone. Staying only teaches him that even if he messes up, you will still be there and more than likely he will do it again. I’d spend most of my time after that wondering who every new person was, every phone call, every text message. I’d spend large amounts of time looking for clues so that i won’t be caught off guard. I couldn’t live like that.

  10. My question is are we not all men and shouldn’t we therefore come into a relationship with our own cars, money, houses, credit cards, etc? Trust me when I say revenges only victim in the long run is on the person taking revenge. Take from me who have had several women go south on me and attempt to do me financial damage and no I did not cheat lol. I remember I broke up with a sister who was turned out to be a little psycho and she took over $500.00 worth of books and DVD and threw them away. Well I was mad but I got over it and I simply replaced to lost items, however those sisters were still bitter and hating in the end. The only time I really have second thoughts about dumping someone are the ones who left the situation gracefully without drama. This is the way that I try to handle rejections when someone do me wrong in a relationship. Is to share my thoughts and feelings about the situation, try to have some type of reconciliation, or just to pick up my marbles and go home, because I know that I am a good catch and it is the person’s lost if they don’t want me.

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