Broderick Hunter Shows A Little Thigh

well i have a new low key crush.

ever since i featured him a while back:

the post a while back

… i have been secretly been in the lust for his flesh.
he is so hot.
i have a some shots taken by Cliff Watts that may make you even hotter

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f0xmail: I’m Sorry… But Who Is The Owner Of All That Chocolate?

Hey Jamari!

Hope all has been well your way. I’m asking for a favor, yet again!!!!
….for some reason, you’re detective skills are on point. Do you know the name of the male model in the new Ciara video “Sorry?” That man is fine and chocolate lol!
I just haven’t seen him on the scene (or I haven’t paid attention to him). And like you, I’m a connoisseur of fine wolves (lol).


When The Baller Wolf Cheats (You Get Even)….

how would you react if you found out your Baller Wolf cheated on you?

I would probably be hurt for a minute.
Depending on how long we were together, I may cry.
I may break some of his shit up and like Rihanna said:

I’m roasting marshmallows on the fire
And what I’m burning, is your attire

His dick, balls, and WALLET would be MINE.

Juanita Jordan got half of MJ’s estate.
Vanessa Bryant got a pink diamond and real estate.

But Alicia Keys? Oh she got…

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