f0xmail: I’m Sorry… But Who Is The Owner Of All That Chocolate?

Hey Jamari!

Hope all has been well your way. I’m asking for a favor, yet again!!!!
….for some reason, you’re detective skills are on point. Do you know the name of the male model in the new Ciara video “Sorry?” That man is fine and chocolate lol!
I just haven’t seen him on the scene (or I haven’t paid attention to him). And like you, I’m a connoisseur of fine wolves (lol).


you came to the right place again.

so i saw the video and i didn’t even pay attention to ciara.
i was looking at the 50 cent replacement.
i’ll listen to the song on another day.
after careful wolf hunting,
i found the prey:

his name is broderick hunter.
hunted and captured by one jamari fox.
he is fine.
you can view a ton more pictures on his tumblr page.


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39 thoughts on “f0xmail: I’m Sorry… But Who Is The Owner Of All That Chocolate?”

  1. What do you guys think of Broderick? I have trouble finding flaws in this man lol. I know we all have opinions but does anyone see anything WRONG with this guy? Unless you don’t like dark skinned lol. I’m a FAN

  2. B’s on the come up. I wouldn’t call him a “celebrity” yet; but man he’s out there. From everyone I’ve talked to…they LOVE Broderick. Hope his career isn’t short lived like most “popular” models. They’re Hot For a season and you never see them again, or at least not relevant. I don’t see that happening with him but as we all know; that industry is shifty..

    1. Yup he sure does, but just look at him tho. He’s that dude u want to get drunk just to see what’s good.

  3. I love Broderick! Not just in sorry but in everything!! Runway, editorial, theatre. I mean, he’s one of if not THE most versatile model in the industry in my book

  4. Top 10 most beautiful men under 30!! Can we agree!? The world needs more Broderick (atleast I do lol)

  5. P.S. There should be a petition to get this dude on A Calvin Klein billboard lol. He looks good in clothes, but that boy can sell some underwear *lawd*

  6. The real thing is, y’all haven’t seen him… IN PERSON. COMPLETELY different story. Drooling over pics?! Haha. In person he’s twice as fine, humble and will make you forget about your underwear. Lmao. I got so caught up i forgot take a picture with him. Broderick is a world class SEX SYMBOL. Hands down one of the HOTTEST men on the planet today. Good choice CiCi.

  7. I’m not going to lie, I’ve just recently started following Brod’s work and he’s becoming a MAJOR deal. To me he’s UNDER RATED. His own spread in GQ, Givenchy, Dsquared…the list goes on. Hands down, if not my very fave; he’s on top 5 for sure. Love Love Love Him. The Ciara Video adds to his versatility

  8. If only he was Gay 🙁 !!! Ohh well. STILL my dream guy and eye candy for CENTURIES!! I haven’t met someone who DOESN’T love B Hunter!

  9. Y’all LATE!!!!!…. Broderick has been my Boo in my head For MONTHS now….. I woulda said somethin Jamari but i thought u already knew about him!!…lolol… Those lips are E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!!

        1. ^damn…

          to know he is the one at the other end of the phone,
          the other end of the text,
          and lives somewhere in your heart as “the one”….

          must be nice.

          that is unless he is a huge pussy monster who knows he looks good,
          extremely messy,
          and fucks everything in sight.
          then…. that “bugle” is a problem.

      1. If he’s a Wolf then how can he be yours BBB? A dude like Broderick is no good if you can’t hit it. Just look at him. I’ll be trying to get those guts.

      2. Not true. I’ve been known to turn out a curious one or two. He’s mine because I want first dibs should he ever decide to climb over the fence.

      3. If he was curious I wouldn’t want him because curious guys are the ones most confused sexually. I do not want to be responsible for turning no one out. LOL

  10. Is the word “PERFECTION” suddenly comes to mind.
    Hope to see him in movies or TV shows. Great model obviously…but I see him being a new era Borris K, Tyson Beckford, Etc.

  11. Ahhhh! I Love Broderick! A super star in the model world. Never met him but hope to. He was PERFFF for that video

  12. I was just trying to figure out the same thing yesterday lol. Dude is bad as hell and that smile is is breath taking. Not trying to ruin anyone’s fantasy but I have a feeling he’s not a Wolf.

      1. Oh, I am on your side, buddy. I’ve done some investigating awhile back on this one (LOL), and he is indeed a straight wolf. But if he wasn’t… good Lawd!!!

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