Are These Compliments On Sale Or Are They Free With Purchase?

shopping can be so relaxing.
especially when you haven’t done it in a while.
all you are thinking about is how good you will look in your new diggs.
for me, i did all my budgeting today.
got my “save ‘n’ stack” situation right.
i won’t be the fool again.

so i went to a couple stores on my lunch break and did a little spending.
in the middle of trying to decided between the white one and the purple one,
this wolf walked up into the section i was in.
took my fuckin’ breath away.
i had to stop deciding to start looking at his ass….

now you know i love body.
he was a little shorter than me.
i didn’t care.
he just came from working out or something.
he had on a wife beater, basketball shorts, and some air maxes.
he was so muscular….
but not too muscular…
that just right muscular….
that “jamari fox” muscular.
the type i don’t have to worry if his peen vanished.

i honestly could not stop staring at this wolf.
his arms had me in some kind of hypnotized state.
as he maneuvered through the section i was in,
trying to decided between the whites and the purples,
i watched as his bicep flexed and created the perfect curve as he pulled shirts off the shelf.
i wanted to say something…
…but, what?
i was speechless.

this is the shit i like though…
he decided to try on a white dress shirt in the middle of the floor.
it was his size definitely because it fit to his body perfectly.
the shirt laid on his chest and highlighted all his muscles.
when i say you could see his bulky arms in the shirt tho?????

that is definitely the shit i like.

as i stood there admiring this wolf,
this obvious fox was giving ME the eyes.
it was like one huge eye fuck session in this store!
i wasn’t interested in the fox.
he definitely wasn’t my type.
the fox decides to come up to me and smiles.
he looks like is ready to eat me alive.

“hey wassup.”
“you shop here a lot? i don’t see you.”
“yeah i do…”

i suddenly see the name tag.

“can i say something without sounding disrespectful?”
“you are really attractive and you have great style.
no disrespect but you are hot.”

i stopped paying attention to the wolf and smiled.

“well thank you so much.”
“you look like someone important.”

was he speaking my future out loud?
he better.
believe it or not, i haven’t had someone ( a man ) flatter me like that in a while.
i was having a rough day.
i also haven’t had a haircut in a while so i’m woofin.
i THOUGHT i looked and felt like shit.
i spoke to him or a while and he told me he was a aspiring stylist.
i told him it was a good job to have.
it was so funny how i was looking someone else and someone else was also looking at me.
even though it wasn’t the muscular wolf,
that compliment made me smile.
it’s funny how you never know who is looking at you….

but thanks to “david”.
you made my day.

5 thoughts on “Are These Compliments On Sale Or Are They Free With Purchase?

  1. haha, once i saw this guy in the store, a lil more yella than me and i thought he looked good. I asked him to help me see if the pants on sale were def worth it “bruh u think these things are worth the price..” long story short homeboy gave my 18 year old ass a ride home NO NOT SEX, I MEAN A RIDE AS IN DRIVING IN A CAR, why? i honestly was tired of waiting for my ride and somehow we got talking about our hood etc…well on the way dropping me off home, (He obviously was in his late 20s /early -mid 30s, damn it he looked good, period). He asked me if i was bi. well this was how he put it “Soo u bi, gay , straight what are you” .. I did not beleive it, so i went with it like WHERE THE FUCK that question come from bruh, he says well nowadays u never know kids yada yada.. Im like naw im not, we get to him dropping me off and he opened his mouth and damn said “Shit, if you were bi or something I woulda scooped ya ass off and made u mine real talk” , I ALMOST BURST OUT LAUGHING BUT FROOZE TO DEATH, THE SHIT WAS TOO REAL TO BELIEVE, I HAD TO JUST LAUGH AND NOD, HOMEBOY DAPPED ME UP, PICKED MY NUMBER SO WE COULD STAY IN TOUCH AND DAMN NEAR CALLED ME THE WHOLE WEEK. HE WAS COOL, fast forward couple months down and he’s real chill with me, of course by then i already told him the deal and he became like my veryyy sexxy big bro.. ONE TIME he got so mad at me for hanging out in the block of some dangerous spot downtown and called up his boy to pick me up cus i missed my way home, he cussed and fussed at my ass, we never dated, cus i thought he was older than me BY A LOT he was in his mid thirties and looked 21. we lost touch after a while, that was like almost 3 years ago. I wonder how he is now

  2. jamari spill the beans bro! lol, that was sweet. Lord knows I need a pick me up like that. Hope all is well.

  3. Awww…I like this story! You truly never know who’s looking at you. That’s why it’s important to always be at YOUR best and be on your best behavior. My pastor was just talking about this tonight! Good stuff!

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