updated: iSPY MEAT (196)

he was oh so fine.
too bad it came out so blurry.
he was so caught up in his paper,
but i was caught up in his lips.
he had the fattest pink lips.
plus, he was that thick muscular type of wolf….

too bad that paper was blocking that print.

if you see any wolves/foxes/vixens in public that are fine,
or some nice butt cheeks/prints,
and you get a great iSPY

send to my CONTACT

update: missed a picture.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “updated: iSPY MEAT (196)”

  1. Gotta love Metro – especially in NYC. When it’s crowded & bodies are bumping up against one another…especially a fine body — yes.

  2. Sup Jamari, got 2 questions for you. First, are you the one who is taking these iSpy pics? I would be so petrified that the camera sound or flash on my iPhone would go off. Second, a hypothetical. Say you took an iSpy pic of the wolf of your dreams (body, lips, cakes, and a nice dick print in his sweatpants). You post the pic on your site, and then a couple of hours later, you get an email from someone who says he was the wolf in pic, and he liked the way you looked on the subway, and wants to come over to your apartment right now. What do you do next?

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