Everyone Meet The 2013 NBA ALLSTAR Starters

it’s that time again!!!!
the time when everyone comes together to have a good time…
…and a ton of vixens (jackals, and hyenas) plan on getting fucked.
the foxes/wolves/and hybrids plan on making some long term connects.
@espnnba just tweeted the 2013 nba allstar line up this year…

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Went to Allstar and All I got was This Lousy Shirt

Looking out the hotel window, covered in a robe, I dazed out into the Hollywood Hills.
This was Hollywood.
Lights, camera, action…
I finally bagged a baller and he flew me out to enjoy the VIP of Allstar.
He did him, I did me… and then we did each other later on.
I went to the greatest parties, hung out with the biggest celebs, and got the best dick from HIM.

What more could I ask for?


I am sure that was the story of some lucky Fox out in Los Angeles this weekend.
All the Vixens wore their best “Cum Fuck Me” pumps in hopes to bag some baller for a night of fun.

Here is WHY some of them played themselves this weekend.

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