F*ckin’ With The Mogul

Terrence Dean’s new book The Mogul is coming out and is supposed to be a detailed telling of one artist’s journey as he makes it big in the music business.

Per Jacky Jasper “The widely anticipated book, set to be officially released June 14th, and is expected to shatter hip hop’s long kept secret of deeds which need to be met in order to land top hip hop success…”

The books main character Big A.T. is supposed to be Diddy or Swag or whatever he wants to be called, and exactly how he made it to Mogul status…. written in first person, all code names. Also featured is a character “Pop” who is supposedly Andre Harrell.

Before I post the excerpts, keep in mind these are the alleged code names:

Pop” is allegedly Andre Harrell.
Big A.T.” is allegedly P Diddy.
Tickman” is allegedly Mase
Mark Hartman” is allegedly Stephen Hill.

Now, JackyJasper is running the excerpts as blind items and having viewers guess the code names for a copy of the book.

“I ain’t saying all of them fucked or sucked some dick to get to the top, but a lot of them have and continue to do so. Trust me, there is always some new young fresh wide-opened rough neck thug who is willing to do whatever it takes to get a record deal, a movie role, or some press. Some even think they are smarter than the next and they will get by without having to deal with a gay brother. Like I said, we are everywhere and in all aspects of this industry. Nine times out of ten, we know each other. It only takes a phone call and we can bring you down or help keep you where you are.” ~ Pop

“We were two men sharing our hearts, learning to love not only ourselves, but each other. We decided Tickman would move in with me. I was producing his first album and needed him close to the studio. To me.

I knew the long nights in the studio would get tiresome. The drive back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan would be taxing. Besides, it was not unlikely for an artist to live at the home of his manager or record label head. No one would ever suspect a thing. And no one did.” ~ Big A.T., Mogul

In this next excerpt from “Mogul”, Big A.T. reveals his secret sexual relationship with his up and coming artist, Tickman:

“The next few weeks me, and Tickman continued to make love every chance we could. I was really feeling Tickman. His style. Talk. Walk. Mind. Everything about him. I found someone I could trust. My soul was relieved. Tickman made me feel good. I was smiling and laughing more. Something was happening to me and I liked it… – but, we knew we had to take precautions. We needed to keep our cover. I was CEO of a record label, and his producer. It needed to look professional. We needed to maintain a distance. And it was difficult.”

Here, Big A.T. explains his satisfaction surrounding his successful joint plan with Tickman in keeping their sexual relationship on the low:

“Everything was working according to plan. Tickman was busy in the studio most nights and would sleep a lot during the day. I handled business during the day and stopped by the studio at night for the recording sessions. We were making sweet music together.”

Check out the deal Big A.T. is presented by Pop:

“Let me get a taste.” Pop tugged at my zipper.

He unbuckled my pants and they dropped to my ankles. My dick was hard. It was fighting against the material of my boxers.

This was it. I was being made an offer. An offer to end all my years of struggling and trying to make it in this business. An opportunity for my big break. It was time for me to eat and eat big. I wanted to hear my music on the radio. And the man sitting with is face sniffing at my crotch is willing to make it happen. For the first time I heard my own voice. The words found their way out of my belly, into my throat, and out of my lips. “I don’t know. I mean…I…I…I”

“Relax,” Pop stroked my erection. “We will work everything out. This is between you and me? This is our world, baby.” Pop smiled. He licked his lips and then spoke to my dick. “What happens here stays here.”

Here’s yet another shocking excerpt from Mogul, as Big A.T. learns Pop’s true intentions and Pop reacts to the young artist’s shock:

“I couldn’t believe my ears. This top entertainment mogul was actually letting me in on the secret. He was a gay man and the industry is full of them.”

“Let me tell you something we are all up in the business. Shit, without us half these ignorant celebrity motherfuckers wouldn’t be who they are today. How do you think most of them got to where they are? I hope you don’t think that it is really all about talent.”

Not sure if this is part of the marketing strategy for the book (ie Terrence Dean is the source for Jacky Jasper), but the latest excerpt is as follows:

In this excerpt, Big A.T. and the ‘family’ members head to L.A. for some work, and fun, and they gather at a well-known actor’s home:

“Later that evening we gathered at the home of ‘family’ member, actor, Shawn Phillips, from the popular television series Friends, Lovers and Life. His secluded house in the Hollywood Hills overlooked the entire city. In the backyard were a heated full length swimming pool and a basketball court. Shawn was low-key and a good-looking brother. He had a few women on his arm, but he was one of us, and always had a boy-toy in his bed at night. Shawn has been nominated for a few awards. He loves to party, and is known for his down low sex parties.”

… I’ll get into what I thought of Hiding In Hip hop,
his other book,

So, some of this stuff I already knew.
Some I am sure will come as a surprise.
Some I am sure I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.
I command a gang of Foxy spies and they always bring me the latest:

Who gets down.
Who is a Fox or a Wolf.

Who I need to sink my teeth into.
And who claim “D/L or Discreet” and are WAY too messy.
Jamari likes messy…when he isn’t involved lol.

Foxes and Wolves do talk and we do run an underground meat market.
The only issue is when the meat market goes mainstream to sell a dream for a dollar.

With that being said….
Is anyone going to check this book out? 

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “F*ckin’ With The Mogul”

  1. Since Hiding in Hip-Hop didn’t seem to make a big splash (re: DL & JL King), I doubt this one will either. Those who already know won’t say anything & people will still speculate…but maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see. Nothing new to see here

  2. I kind of take offense to the assumption that they had to engage in homosexual activity to be successful, even if they are gay/bi. As if they couldn’t have made it on their own merits. I’m sure someone will feed into this drama and speculation though.

  3. I can’t read books like this because they’re all the same. Successful, DL black men sleeping around with other successful DL black men. Some have wives. They all cheat and have feelings where they dont want them. Big houses. Nice cars. Blah blah blah. Let’s try a new approach to black gay story telling… please.

  4. At first, I thought “yeah, i’ll check it out”. But then I thought about how sick I am of hearing about Black Gay men not being themselves and feeling a need to sneak around. I really am sick of this shit. It sells, but not to me.

  5. I doubt it. Reason being that I despise people who attempt to bring someone else’s business into the streets. Like JL KING. I get that yes DL men are liars, cheaters, whatever else you want to call them but the reality of it all is when did it become okay for them to truly be who they are? As a man, I am already being ridiculed and pressure for being BLACK and then to come out the closet to be further put down by MY OWN PEOPLE for being GAY? No self-respecting man would dear endure the ridicule and humiliation that comes from society.

    And these vixens AND foxes have a responsibility to claim. They are the ones jumping up “why dont you have a lady on your arm?” “When are you gonna have some babies?” “You a faggot for getting manicures/pedicures and dressing nice!”…and it goes on and on…so before anyone can jump up and say that they want these men to stop being DL…they need to first address society and get everyone to embrace people for who they are rather than try to get gay black men to come out. Nobody is going to leave the comfort of a good life ACTING straight for everyone if they are not mentally stable enough to assume their true identities as gay black men.

    Vain said it best….”It’s impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you only pretend to be”

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