When Diddy Burns Your Forest Down

sean-combs-p-diddy-kids-instagramin every forest,
there is a hierarchy of animals you may not be able to cross.
that just depends where your power lies.
as bloggers like myself,
we are only as good as the stories we put out.
the best stories can send shock waves and bring attention.
that’s how you can get all the animals to keep visiting.
well diddy is one animal who doesn’t play about his cubs.
as you know,
justin combs was the target of some vicious rumors this past week.
“industry on blast” and “fameolous”,
two mainly gossip blogs that broke the stories,
learned the power of what a higher animal can do.
check what was the outcome via sandra rose
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Usher and Diddy Use To Sleep Together?

would you sleep in the same bed with him?
i would.
preferably naked.
him covered in baby oil.

  straight from the a has a video of diddy admitting to it…

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Making The Crazy: A Stranger In Diddy’s House Part 2

I’d actually watch that episode….

A Fox is looking at you Diddy… and giving you a MEAN side eye right about now….

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2pac Had “California Love” in Biggie’s “Juicy”?

Ya know…
I have seen some… thangs… that have made me utterly disgusted online.
I remember the first time I was on AOL,
back when AOL was POPPIN,
and someone sent me an instant message with some white Vixen eating this black Wolves shat.
Didn’t eat for days.
Couple years ago, people wanted to disgust me with 2 girls; 1 cup.
I had to go to the hypnotist to be purged of that memory.

But this shit right here, yo….

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I Fucked Chris Brown Last Night and He Laid Some Serious Pipe



Imagine what is it like to be Breezy Wolf?

You are the next coming to Michael Jackson.
No one can touch your talent on the mic and the dance floor.
You can have whatever you want… and pretty much whomever you want.
You done dug out pop stars, porn stars, models, producers, and his own manager.
So, you go through the industry using your “power” to get as much “?-hole” as you want.

Well, you don’t have to be Breezy Wolf to have this life kids.
You can basically have a little bit of power in this industry and people will be willing to fuck you.
The same people who probably wouldn’t take you seriously on a sunny day on the street,
are now dropping their pants to get a piece of what you have.
But, what happens when people use their titles to become groupies?
Is there a subtle way to be a “professional groupie”?
And, why do they always end up looking so thirsty with their mud on their faces?

What is the benefits of being a groupie?

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Did Diddy REALLY Show His Ass?

I usually don’t keep up with Rapper Wolves, Hybrids, and Foxes and their foolishness.
I like them where they need to be: cumming with that lyrical ear pleasure.
But to be real, they always do the dumbest shit.
As usual, they get to ATL and start acting an ass for BET Hiphop Award weekend.
A place which a Fox would avoid like the plague, even if I got an invite.
Too much ghetto fuckery to be witnessed… and my cam doesn’t have that much memory.

Diddy and T.I. happened to be one of  “them people” I try to avoid last weekend with the antics…

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