When Diddy Burns Your Forest Down

sean-combs-p-diddy-kids-instagramin every forest,
there is a hierarchy of animals you may not be able to cross.
that just depends where your power lies.
as bloggers like myself,
we are only as good as the stories we put out.
the best stories can send shock waves and bring attention.
that’s how you can get all the animals to keep visiting.
well diddy is one animal who doesn’t play about his cubs.
as you know,
justin combs was the target of some vicious rumors this past week.
“industry on blast” and “fameolous”,
two mainly gossip blogs that broke the stories,
learned the power of what a higher animal can do.
check what was the outcome via sandra rose

Instagram blog “The Industry On Blast” was deleted without warning over the weekend. The IG gossip blogger ran afoul of Hollywood Power magnate Sean Combs by insinuating that his firstborn son Justin Combs was a homosexual.

Combs apparently complained to the powers that be at Instagram.com, who swiftly deleted the gossip page.

Stunned IOB fans awoke Monday to find their favorite gossip IG page was gone. They slowly migrated over to @theindustryonblast’s backup page: @theindustryonblast2.

All Instagram gossip bloggers live in fear of being deleted from Instagram.com for spreading malicious gossip. So they maintain multiple backup pages just in case.

Instagram.com was purchased by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion in 2014.

Rumor has it that the Simmons sisters, Angela and Vanessa, regularly updates the Industry On Blast IG account. But Vanessa took to Instagram to vigorously deny the rumors after Combs allegedly reached out to her.

Another Instagram blogger, Fameolous, feuded with IOB over who broke the Justin Combs tea first. Fameolous argued that he was the first to spill the tea about Justin.

But by Monday, Fameoulous had scrubbed his Instagram page of any mention of young master Combs being a homosexual.

Here are the offending posts that got IOB shut down.



“sexuality” is always the biggest story to get hits,
but also the quickest to get you shut down.
you need to also throw “alleged” since there is no proof.
everything is always a rumor until proven truthful.
you gotta know when your “potential scandal” is worth the risk.
what i like is that even though i presented the story to the foxhole,
we still remained objective and needed “more”.
as always,
we run a tighter forest than others.

article found: sandra rose

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “When Diddy Burns Your Forest Down

  1. I used to get disturbed when urban blog constantly made posts about gay stuff, knowing that most of their audience are very hostile towards stuff like that. Then I realized that they would post it if they weren’t getting clicks.

    I frequent this low end gossip-style sports blog that doesn’t really get many comments, but they got a lot of comments when they reported on the Yusaf Mack saga. They are basically doing what sells. If you don’t want to see it, the best thing you can do is not entertain it.

  2. Good. That’s what they get for trying to out someone. It’s 2016. Whoever is running these blogs needs to worry about themselves and hope their own business doesn’t get put out.

  3. I was tickled when I read this story and forgot how Puff don’t play when it comes to him or his people. They better be glad that it was just a deletion and not a “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.”

  4. The point of amassing “fuck you” money and power is the ability to occasionally say, “fuck you” and truly watch the recipient get fucked. Good on you Puffy.

  5. Chile, if only Mediatakeout would get deleted. That blog stay messy along with the shade room. I had to leave the shade room alone because of the stupid ass clapbacks that gets misread as “reads” when they know those “reads” lack creativity, impact, and bitter cold-bloodness (except for The Game since he’s now a “fox” with his attention whore self!)

    1. Agreed.

      Mediatakeout is one of the most toxic sites around and the African lawyer that owns the site disgust me by the hatred and cold-blooded stories that they run.

  6. Personally I don’t believe Diddy had anything to do with this.IOB has posted many stories about Diddy and Justin being gay.Why shut it down now .This site has many enemies.Sandra Rose with her homophobic ass doesn’t know shit.She just claimed men are gay because they are raised by single mothers last week.

      1. I don’t believe it was Diddy because if it was Diddy he would have his attorneys send cease and desist papers to everyone who still has the story up.

        According to a person in Sandra Rose comments,Last week some guy did some investigation and he tracked down the apartment complex where IOB is based using IP information.He narrowed it down to an apt complex but didn’t know the apartment unit number.IOB accused him of putting the kids in their family at risk.They also called him a pedophile for posting their location.It’s possible he contacted authorities or Instagram.Oh yeah Apparently the apartment complex is in the “hood”.

  7. Like I get the whole point of a rumor or gossip. But it’s still shocking that when people want give the gay title to someone in the industry people treat it like a disease. Had he been a regular Joe Shmoe nobody would care. But also I read a lot of comments on Justin IG page and if he was gay he had a lot of great encouraging support.

  8. Whoa whoa whoa. Top picture. Who is the son on the far right in the white sweater? That’s what I need to know.

    “Justin Combs takes shirtless picture with football player, proof he is gay” Get the fuck out of here.

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