A Hug On A Gay Also Makes David McIntosh Gay (Logic?)

so the foxhole dragged david mcintosh good ‘n’ proper a while ago.
( x his trump supporting ) didn’t go over well with all of us.
well i will come to his defense on the following issue.
so industry on blast posted this picture of david at miami pride.
this is the picture and caption

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Tashaun Gipson Has Some Pipe Leakage For The Foxhole

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.26.36 PMfoxhole.
let’s talk about tashaun gipson.
he is the nfl baller wolf who played for the cleveland browns,
but now he plays for the jacksonville jaguars.
judging from ^that picture,
you would think he was single and being an attentionisto.
he is allegedly involved and has two cubs.
so allegedly,
tashuan has been a little thirsty for some side vixen hole.
he sent a vixen reader of “industry on blast” all his meat to entice her,
but she decided to blast him all their website.
he sent her a video,
pictures of his meat,
and a shot of his pay stub.
i’m starting to see the dehydration.
the following is:


ready for it?…
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Jus2flyy Allegedly Leaves A Transsexual Burning Up!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.21.44 PMokay so…
as the owner of the foxhole,
you know i like my fine wolves.
i also like to get all the details on them as i go.
you can’t be part of the f-bi if you don’t.
well for this tuesday’s scandal,
the wolf in question is named jus aka jus2flyy.
i’ve posted him before.
( x see before | bodega meat)
so a transsexual is alleging that he gave her chlamydia.
industry on blast posted the screen caps,
but something struck me as odd
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When Diddy Burns Your Forest Down

sean-combs-p-diddy-kids-instagramin every forest,
there is a hierarchy of animals you may not be able to cross.
that just depends where your power lies.
as bloggers like myself,
we are only as good as the stories we put out.
the best stories can send shock waves and bring attention.
that’s how you can get all the animals to keep visiting.
well diddy is one animal who doesn’t play about his cubs.
as you know,
justin combs was the target of some vicious rumors this past week.
“industry on blast” and “fameolous”,
two mainly gossip blogs that broke the stories,
learned the power of what a higher animal can do.
check what was the outcome via sandra rose
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Mario Rodriguez Is Lost In Trans-lation?

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.29.41 PMone of my vix-bi nearly made me vomit today.
vomit being a hater with an alleged story.
so you know mr. check please aka mario rodriguez?
couple stories down.

well apparently,
and allegedly,
he has a trans-vixen in his life.
you read right.
her name is victoria delepine.
check this out on the latest blast on industry on blast

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