Jus2flyy Allegedly Leaves A Transsexual Burning Up!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.21.44 PMokay so…
as the owner of the foxhole,
you know i like my fine wolves.
i also like to get all the details on them as i go.
you can’t be part of the f-bi if you don’t.
well for this tuesday’s scandal,
the wolf in question is named jus aka jus2flyy.
i’ve posted him before.
( x see before | bodega meat)
so a transsexual is alleging that he gave her chlamydia.
industry on blast posted the screen caps,
but something struck me as odd

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.23.40 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.23.55 PMthis would be a legit story and all…
if he didn’t live in new yawk and worked for housing.
that means he cleans up the projects.
which also means he makes good money since they are union.

“hi jus…”

6c0tIjrESMqPXsz0MR2U_Blue Birdso how does one live in atl,
works at la fitness,
but resides in new yawk and gave her chlamydia?
i mean if a fox is wrong,
please correct me.
the trans gonna say that she beat jus2flyy to the white meat.
sFSYl54now jus2flyy could have went to atl,
allegedly got banged stupid,
dropped that disease off somehow,
and came back to new yawk.
that probably would have been a better story.

lowkey: now jus2flyy could be guilty,
but what better place than to clear up this scandal?
the foxhole.
these is something a little fishy with this story tho.

  1. why single out jus2flyy?
    if this is a fake,
    why direct them to his real screen name?
  2. who did this trans fuck?
    obviously they got a disease or is this a lover scorned?
  3. if this is a fake then why lie?
    what is the motive?i have questions.

screenshot credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Jus2flyy Allegedly Leaves A Transsexual Burning Up!”

  1. These people have no jobs and live off the system so they can sit at home and troll the Internet and make up stories.

  2. Well you never know about these dudes and what they engage in. She chose him of all people though? That is what makes me believe it.

    1. Even so are we supposed to feel bad he bussed it open for dude and got the claps?!

      He lives in Atlanta, I doubt it’s the first time. Lol

      1. It might be true, but what’s the point of telling everyone? He/she isn’t trying to protect the public. No one forced he/she to fuck some hard body he/she didn’t know from a polish sausage.

  3. Would definitely need more info, I’m leaning more of this story is bs, since she said he worked at a LA Fitness in Buckhead. How does a New York Wolf have a job at a Gym Down here?

    Besides these kind of Instagram accounts live for drama like this ( exposing black wolves to be something other than straight to these delusional vixens) without doing their homework and checking facts.

  4. Those tired, petty, miserable, classless people over at IOB cater to alot of lonely, bitter, undesirable women hiding behind private pages. They take sooooo much pride in outing people for their own personal enjoyment. The fucked up part is they dont even know if its true. Whether its true or not, what is the point? what do they gain from this? The hopes of ruining someones life? A laugh at someone else expense? I unfollowed a long time ago because honestly, these “gossip and tea” blogs have gone from reporting celeb news to pulling the trashiest stunts and catering to lowlifes for likes and follows.

  5. I can’t stand industry on blast they’re post pics of gay men and try to pass them as str8 men to women and ask women smash and pass?

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