eddie winslow been dealing with other transsexuals besides sidney starr?

why do some trans-vixens act like messy gay males?
i’m asking for a friend and the rest of the community.

Why do some trans-vixens love outing males they mess with/date?

i keep asking this question and no one has a response.
it’s like no one has a response why sidney starr wasn’t fully banished for chingy.
so it seems in this sidney starr mess,
eddie winslow aka darius mcrary,
was allegedly outed by a trans-vixens he dated on the low for 8 years

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Caitlyn Jenner Maybe Ready To Check “Male” Again

BRUCE-CAITLYN-JENNER-SPLIT-618so caitlyn jenner is not enjoying her life as a vixen.
so much so,
she’s allegedly ready to become a “he” again.
i know.
i had to get comfortable for this fuckery.
this is the story via the wrap
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Jus2flyy Allegedly Leaves A Transsexual Burning Up!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.21.44 PMokay so…
as the owner of the foxhole,
you know i like my fine wolves.
i also like to get all the details on them as i go.
you can’t be part of the f-bi if you don’t.
well for this tuesday’s scandal,
the wolf in question is named jus aka jus2flyy.
i’ve posted him before.
( x see before | bodega meat)
so a transsexual is alleging that he gave her chlamydia.
industry on blast posted the screen caps,
but something struck me as odd
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A Transsexual Ruined My Career

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 8.14.19 PMeveryone meet chingy.
oh wait!
you remember him!
he had that one song we use to like back in the day.
“i like it when you do it right thurr (thurr)…”
well chingy had an interesting interview recently with vlad tv,
transcribed by necole bitchie,
on why his career went into 5 hit wonder-ville.
was it all because of a transsexual named sidney starr?
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