Usher and Diddy Use To Sleep Together?

would you sleep in the same bed with him?
i would.
preferably naked.
him covered in baby oil.

  straight from the a has a video of diddy admitting to it…

We’ve all heard those rumors of what went on in Sean “Diddy” Comb’s household when Usher Raymond was his teenaged protege,’ but those were just “rumors” right?

Never have we heard anything out of the mouths of the two superstars who actually spent quite a bit of time together back in the day. Well… that is… until now.

In a LIVE Ustream video a few years back, Diddy slipped up and admitted he and Usher had slept together, but quickly tried to cover-up his slip-up with a Boondocks phrase… ‘Pause’! and ‘No Homo’.

Diddy needed a ‘do-over!”

Puff hilariously tries to recover from his “pause” with an even worse statement about “wrestling” with Usher over corn flakes:


The facial expressions on Kevin Hart and Usher?  PRICELESS!!


imagine if twitter,
camera phones,
and media take out existed around that time?

diddy looked tipsy.
it seemed like it.
you know the best way to get a wolf to talk is to talk to him when he is half sleep
…or half drunk.
now usher is in the driver’s seat of being a mentor to wolf favorite, justin bieber.
i wonder how those sleepovers go?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Usher and Diddy Use To Sleep Together?”

  1. Usher got corny. There is nothing sexy about him any,ore. His personality is tired and he needs to get rid of that mullet, he’s hitting 35

    1. That enitre 8701 era was amazing. He was sexy and mysterious. Then he was the IDEAL wolf. Now, not so much. Once the RVR era hit, it was ova for him.

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