Did Diddy REALLY Show His Ass?

I usually don’t keep up with Rapper Wolves, Hybrids, and Foxes and their foolishness.
I like them where they need to be: cumming with that lyrical ear pleasure.
But to be real, they always do the dumbest shit.
As usual, they get to ATL and start acting an ass for BET Hiphop Award weekend.
A place which a Fox would avoid like the plague, even if I got an invite.
Too much ghetto fuckery to be witnessed… and my cam doesn’t have that much memory.

Diddy and T.I. happened to be one of  “them people” I try to avoid last weekend with the antics…


^Hold up…
can I have an ID on the  cutie wearing the white T, chain, and Fitted behind Diddy?




Did Diddy really call the dude a “light skinned f@ggot” for drinking Grey Goose?
How did he know dude was a f@ggot?
How did he even know he was drinking Goose?
And, why is it such a big deal?
And, how old is Diddy?
Where did T.I. come in at?

And who are all those negros around them?
Where are all the Vixens?

So many questions.

Does anyone have any answers?

I literally just started following this story.
That, and Diddy talking about he is sorry for back sliding on Twitter.

That is a whole nother can of worms he needs to not open with this bullshit. 

Can I have a couple chairs for a SIT DOWN convention?
Make sure they are leather and recliners.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Did Diddy REALLY Show His Ass?”

  1. It is my understanding that Diddy was mad that people were drinking Grey Goose and holding their drinks in the air. Now, Diddy sponsors and gets paid to drink Ciroc, so he was offended that people were drinking Grey Goose. But check this, It wasn’t his party. He start calling out home boy and threw a bottle at him and jumped behind his security talking about, ” what cha gone do?”

    T.I just checked Diddy and stated that Diddy gets paid to drink Ciroc and make too much money for the ignorant shit. People are in his party drinking what they payed for. He just got out of jail and is not f-ing up his bail over some dumb ish.

    Basically this is some grown man, have too much time on my hands bull-ish. On to the next. This little episode is worse than the drama on reality TV

  2. I can’t watch the vids on my phone, but Diddy was wrong. Acting a fool at this mans prison release celebration (lol that sounds funny). It’s foul. He reminds me of my aunt who gets drunk at BBQ’s and starts talm bout how she look better than Bitches half her age.smh…I think low key Diddy was mad the party aint about him #realtalk

  3. P Diddy is gay. I know this because my very close old friend was his piece for a while. He thinks he is on the DL but EVERYBODY in the business knows this T. Don’t get me started on T. I.
    Do you REALLY think a man that fine would settle down with something like Tiny? Nigga please. When the videos is just literally all ho’s hangin off him in bikinis you have to ask… Isn’t that a bit too much?

    Diddy is undoable under any circumstance but T. I. May proceed to my bedroom at once!!

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