Tupac Sextape Rises Up From The Dead

I don’t mean to speak ill on the dead…

But I want to see this!

For all the non-believers … Here is photographic evidence there IS a Tupac sex tape.

TMZ broke the story … Tupac received oral sex from a mystery woman back in 1991 … and it was all caught on tape.  The 5-minute video shows Tupac in a living room, holding a cocktail in one hand and a blunt in another.

An unreleased Tupac song is playing in the background, as the rapper sings along, wiggling his hips — all the while getting serviced by the woman.

At one point, Money B from Digital Underground walks into frame, and Tupac puts his cocktail arm around him as the two gab away.

Tupac is reportedly scene in the scene (lol) getting head while he is rapping in a living room full of people?
Scene ends with him about to go sex the chick?
TMZ got the exclusive!!!
I wonder if Suge sent him lol 

Wish I could see the actual sex because Tupac looked like he could throw it DOWN.
Straight 90s throwback California Love peen. 

… and again, R.I.P.
(I’m here talking about dead dick. Hell here I come… lol) 

And more sex tapes from Tupac to…. cum?

Tupac’s Mom Now Selling Sex Tapes

With the exception of Priscilla Presley, there is no one who does a better job of finding new ways to make money off a dead celebrity than Tupac’s mom. I know that everyday she wishes Tupac owned a home prior to his death because she would be selling tours of that thing and in the gift shop selling every recording he ever made, locks of his hair and any product she could think of up to an including Tupac peanut butter. Now comes word from TMZ, that Tupac has a sex tape. It is from 1991 and features Tupac with his pants around his ankles and a bunch of women clamoring to be the first to service Tupac orally.

The thing about this tape is that Tupac is singing and dancing while the woman is servicing him and he is drinking and smoking at the same time and talking, with an arm around one of his friends AND, a new unreleased song at the time was playing in the background. Shows how much the woman servicing him meant to him. I wonder if she shows up after all the years to try and cash in too.

Would you?

Source: Crazy Days and Nights

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  1. They are not sex “tapes” anymore – they are made using digital media. But I guess sex tape still sounds cool. And in this case it’s valid. But we are still saying “sex tape” today. It’s like we say “dial” a number, when the dials disappeared like 4ever ago!

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