You Ain’t Been Sext, Til You Been Sext By… Tupac?

remember that thing called “paper”?
like from a notebook?

me neither.
back in the 90s,
there was no such thing as texts or dms.
folks actually wrote letters back and forth to each other.
they even went to that thing called “a mailbox” to mail them.
i know.
a vix-bi sent me an alleged letter the late tupac shakur wrote a vixen.
this was one of his alleged released letters to her from jail.
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hip hop.
it can be inspiring,
thought provoking,
story telling,
or all of the above.

these albums launched the careers of the legends.
some are not with us anymore.
others are still ruling,
and the rest have fallen off HEAVY.

i listened to all of these albums for the first time last week.
i’m sure i am super late.
i gotta say,

music was so much better in the 90s, wasn’t it?

either way,
this quick round is:


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Cum With Me (Hail Hologram 2pac)

That was a ghost son…
Fuck that!…

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2pac Had “California Love” in Biggie’s “Juicy”?

Ya know…
I have seen some… thangs… that have made me utterly disgusted online.
I remember the first time I was on AOL,
back when AOL was POPPIN,
and someone sent me an instant message with some white Vixen eating this black Wolves shat.
Didn’t eat for days.
Couple years ago, people wanted to disgust me with 2 girls; 1 cup.
I had to go to the hypnotist to be purged of that memory.

But this shit right here, yo….

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Tupac Sextape Rises Up From The Dead

I don’t mean to speak ill on the dead…

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