You Ain’t Been Sext, Til You Been Sext By… Tupac?

remember that thing called “paper”?
like from a notebook?

me neither.
back in the 90s,
there was no such thing as texts or dms.
folks actually wrote letters back and forth to each other.
they even went to that thing called “a mailbox” to mail them.
i know.
a vix-bi sent me an alleged letter the late tupac shakur wrote a vixen.
this was one of his alleged released letters to her from jail.

“ever been fucked so hard by a pineapple that you get to shaking and quivering…”

the fuck,
have i been?!?!?!

i never saw this before.
i’m horny like that shit was sent to me.
i knew tupac was a freak,
but damn…
i bet he could fuck good too.
he looked like he would give some mental foreplay beforehand.
if i was her,
i would have been so wet.

lowkey: i would love to read his other letters.
pac was so handsome…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “You Ain’t Been Sext, Til You Been Sext By… Tupac?”

  1. I’ve used the ice trick before. The heat from your mouth mixed with the coldness of the ice will make thr person quiver while you give them head plus you won’t get cotton dry mouth lol

  2. Ice? Now that is new to me and I will definitely try that one with my next clientele. Man letters back in the 90’s got my sis in trouble with my dad especially when her boyfriend sent letters from the military while my other sis had a dude doing hard time.

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