Bad Times Construct Better Plans

and forest lurkers who stay in the shadows,
ima be completely 110% with you.
you know i’m good for it so take this how you will…


i mean,
like legit start getting things in order.

start saving
set up a budget
pay off past due bills
get your finances in control

make sure you are secure within your jobs/careers as well.
all that flexing on social media needs to be lowered or cut.
all that “look at me; look what i got!” needs to go.
i understand that you never had it before,
but the more things get harder and harder in the forests,
the more you become a target.
what you thought?
these random folks getting killed was “just because”.
when you delve deep into the murders the foxhole has covered,
the victim(s) usually had something going on with their lives/nice things.
most of the time,
they were set up or someone was envious/jealous.

life is going to humble some of us real quick.
“we” usually don’t come from trust funds or golden eggs.
for a majority of us,
growing up in the ghetto was hard af.
i never understand why “we” start acting “so better” when we get some coins.
some of us forget what life was like when we didn’t have the bag.
you never know when your shit is gonna go all the way left in the future.

someone close to you gets sick/injured and you gotta foot the bill
your parents pass away and leave you nothing

laid off/can’t find work/your area of business isn’t lucrative any longer
a scandal throws all the losing cards on your table

baby mamas going ape shit in court for more money

you don’t know if/when things will go south.
it is always an ebb and flow.
shit can change in a minute and be a smooth ride to a brand new kind of hell

…but if you got a “just in case” bag,
it won’t be a bumpy ride if you have to downsize.
stop burning bridges too.
some of these “attitudes” need serious adjustments.
no one roots for the asshole/bitch when they fall on hard times.
the ones you ghosted/hurt will be rejoicing in your karma/their retribution.

these days,
i’ve been dwelling on “the future”.
i’m in the present,
but i don’t want my future to be so rocky.
it’s natural because right now is temporary.
it can either get better or get worse,
but it’s all in the moves we make that determine where we end up.
so i have to ask whats is your plan?
do you even have one?

Is your bag secure for this sketchy American future?

fuckin’ is all well and good until you can’t afford to do that anymore.
is that when you’ll really get fire up in your tail?

lowkey: karaoke told me a while ago she managed to save 12 stacks.
she didn’t even realize she had that much saved up until recently.
this was saved up over like 10 or so years.

it was in some secret account she had.
when i checked mine,

i saw a moth flying around in my saving account.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Bad Times Construct Better Plans”

  1. Wow the timing of this post is impeccable. I’m usually one to budget and save but most my way the last couple of months. So this month the I’m trying to get back on track and also build my credit. It takes discipline but is so doable.

  2. Jamari,,, I am so glad you posted this because I have been doing some thinking and re-evaluating of my current life and finances and where I want my finances to be a year from now. You’re right. It is time to stack and save. I have no saving but I will. My goal is to save to buy a house and save some money for my adoption the following year. Yes I want to be a father even I have to do ti alone. Its time I be a grown up and rebuild my financial house while working on and rebuilding “ME” . Love ya much HUG

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