Bad Times Construct Better Plans

and forest lurkers who stay in the shadows,
ima be completely 110% with you.
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How I Met Your Mother

tumblr_m3yr6oAt7J1rn0ur4so i wanted to get to the sto’ early today.
i know if i went later,
i’d have to deal with the baby mamas and mamas babies.
so i put my headphones on,
got my grocery cart,
and headed down the block.
while i was in the sto’,
i was trying not to spend an arm and leg on food.
lately my food bills have been out of my budget.
100 dollars.
last time was 175.
like wtf?
i had to pay some bills and couldn’t afford it.
while i was getting eggs,
listening to “v.s.o.p” on repeat,
i saw this hand out the corner of my eye waving.
when i looked…
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The Sweet Taste of Mint

So a Fox is on. It. HEAVY.

After that situation I had 2 weeks ago,
it got a nigga COMPLETELY FOCUSED.
I never want to be in that situation again,
so I decided to start on BOSS status.

You never know how it feels to be completely broke.

After sailing on a smooth budget I set up,
that shit fucked me all up.
I couldn’t do much this holiday weekend,
but I was focused on setting up a plan to be financially set.


I was browsing through my apps on my iPad and came across one for a service called Mint.
Those who don’t know what Mint is, I will tell you right now…

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Baller Lockdown


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Budget This.

Gay/Bi men are use to a certain lifestyle.

I don’t know about you,
but I like to spend.
I like to look good and keep up with a certain lifestyle.
Eating out, shopping sprees, clubbing… etc.
Being single can be fun….

…But am I saving money in the process?

Good question.

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