Budget This.

Gay/Bi men are use to a certain lifestyle.

I don’t know about you,
but I like to spend.
I like to look good and keep up with a certain lifestyle.
Eating out, shopping sprees, clubbing… etc.
Being single can be fun….

…But am I saving money in the process?

Good question.

How much money do you have in the bank right now?
Do you have a savings account?
What about an ING account?
What about if some shit happens and you need some emergency funds?

Trouble doesn’t always set up like rain.
We do not always get a flash of lighting before it is time to run for cover.
At least you won’t need an umbrella, but can set up a tent and be good for a while.
Especially in this country’s tough economic standing.
Your job is NOTĀ guaranteed.

I set up a budget today.
(Thank you. Thank you.)
It felt good to be honest.
I felt more control of my life and my money.
I felt like I needed to know where my gwop is going every month.
What needs to be cut and what needs to stay.

So I know what you are thinking:

Where is the sex?

You have come to love me as this sexpot,
and indeed I am,
but there is more to Jamari than a good romp in the sack.

I have brains too!

Since I am now on a “Looking For Daddy/Become The Boss Bottom” journey,
I have decided you are coming too.
Ain’t nothing like a little self improvement while we are all on this search for “Daddy“.
So get with the program and let’s make moves.

I am theĀ The Boss B.
So when I meet Daddy,
I have something to offer.
And that feels good when you can teach someone something.

So yeah, back to my original point,
If you do not have a budget,
set one up ASAP.

I used Google Docs.
Link provided.
You can use Excel if you choose but I wanted something I could send to my Crackberry.
Keep track while I am on the move.
One of the things I liked about Google Docs is it was pretty simple.
They have free templates you can choose to set up how you are spending your money.
If you have kids or even a family, they have templates for your needs also.

This is the one I chose (and they have so many): Preview Of My Template

All you do it set it up and enter your monthly expenses
and it calculates everything for you.
ALSO, remember to pay yourself every month.
Put away 10% (or more) of your paycheck into your savings.
Saving at least 20 dollars a month can add up.

There will be more of these coming.
I want to share my progress with you guys.
Be an example to my bottoms and even my tops.

Let’s get it.

Author: jamari fox

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