Single Fox (Put My Future On It)

No Beyonce.
Sorry B.
Not about you this time…

So I managed to catch that new show on Vh1 that jacked Beyonce’s hit song.
Lisa Raye, Stacy Dash, and a new face Charity Shea (with a “why?” cameo from Lauren London).
Even though the acting was sketchy at times and the cameos were “Find Dese Black Celebrities from ATL”,
I enjoyed the premise of the show.
Girlfriends meets Sex and the City meets a straight to DVD black movie.
Much better than this outbreak of reality television recently.

I was watching it and couldn’t help but want that “life”.
That life is made for me.
No, I do not suddenly want to become a woman.
Seriously, watching it, I felt the situations these sistas found themselves in…
…fit into the Fox/Wolf lifestyle perfectly.
Maybe a little TOO perfectly.
Or was that just me?

C’mon, you heard these messy ass stories before:

Fox breaks up with Wolf, he gets with someone else, and he comes back around to smash.
Fox meets Baller Wolf; smiling in his wife’s face as he is screwing him stupid at the W hotel.
Fox has jealousy around him that causes black mail and other foolishness.
Fox has a job/career, dressing in nice ass clothes, and goes to extravagant parties and events…
(all while meeting Wolves to fuck or try to lock down)

…sounds like the plot of a late E Lynn Harris book…
or for some of us, that is the reality we want to live.
Well, not without that extra drama, but you get the picture.


I just want the cars, clothes, maybe the hoes I suppose…

When I talk about the dream life I want to live,
the life I want to write about and share with my readers,
and it involves the life of a Single Fox.

Not fucking random dudes in a living room or my mama bedroom,
Sucking them off in a basement afraid of getting burned by hot pipe (in more ways than 1),
or even boasting with some sex tape in my hand because I fucked a Baller Wolf and I’m thristy.

That may be good for others, but that isn’t my idea of success.

I just want the good life where I am making money in my career in the entertainment industry,
meeting and mingling with sexy ass Wolves that are of a larger tax bracket,
going to every event (whether straight or gay) and having MAJOR connects,
traveling when I have the chance or a vacation,
having a FLY ASS wardrobe,
having access to a trainer and having a nice toned temple called ‘my body’,
and simply just happy and content within my success.

I think I just answered the question I asked everyone yesterday.
Funny, I was trying to find a way to answer it…

So like a impatient Fox, I scream:

I want it NOW! NOW! NOW!

I have to get out there and mingle HARDBODY.
I am starting to get the gears moving to do so.
Hell a nigga even made a vision board (which we will talk about later).
But I had to ask myself:

Am I asking for too much?

i’m not.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “Single Fox (Put My Future On It)”

  1. they are all such beautiful ladies. i really wish them the best and the acting will definitely get much better with time. i hope they get this show going well. i dont and havent watched it, but these ladies deserve it. they are some really swell gals.

    I heard someone on their twatter called the show “nigger trash”. i shuttered in disgust! black people just tearing each other down no matter what. these ladies are in an industry that will eat you alive if you do not learn how to stay afloat. i am proud of them for keeping that train moving. being in show business is like working on commission…if you aint got the right team or you cant get out there like you need too, YOU DONT EAT!

    Congrats to queen latifah and congrats to you ladies of the show.

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