Jaye Hardbody Does Marlo Hampton

1543259_1414471452144277_1281062373_nwell not exactly.
now is jaye short or is she just really tall?
i’m not even going to address those arms of his.
check out the hotel jaye stayed in while in vegas for whatever event they attended…

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.20.49 PMhe is def winning?
and i got work tomorrow…

where did the weekend go?
there needs to be more days to the weekend.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Jaye Hardbody Does Marlo Hampton”

  1. They look like two dudes at a gay event(one drag queen and one butch queen).Something about the body language is off. Lol

  2. Wow Marlo never dig black men before and only date rich sour milk. But at the end of the day there nothing more satisfying than a delicious chocolate I guess.

  3. Yea he went to Vegas with some ballroom Geighs over the weekend #TemptedToTouch. He never posted any pics with who he was with…..but one of the boys did on his instagram. I think it’s safe to say……….yea.

  4. his issue is that he straight on instagram,
    but doing all this gay shit behind the scenes.
    god forbid one of those spiteful gays try and out him?
    wtf he gonna say?
    he seems too trusting and thats gonna be his downfall.

    1. Yep. You can tell he’s trying to be discreet with his IG posts. He poses in pics with the boys and they’re posting those pics on their own IG accts.

      I dunno….maybe he is already OUT. Just not on IG. Lol. I feel like the only thing he’ll lose is IG followers if it were to come out…..I’m not sure there is any “business” he would lose (No Shade). He’s just IG famous.

      He seems so cute and innocent tho. Even with all those muscles. Hope they don’t corrupt him.

  5. HaHa, I am almost scared to make a comment on this for fear of being chastised because his Google alert went off and his family was directed to a gay site. He is most def at Tempted 2 Touch, I was going to this event but decided against it as I havent heard any feedback from anyone who ever went, was it worth it, but had I gone I would have most def filled the foxhole in as a special correspondent LOL. Im sure he is just a paid model right, nothing more, nothing less. Instagram never lied, he likes curvy women. 🙂

  6. this dude trolling the big girl groups claiming to be an ssbbw lover so what is it is he gay is he striaght do he like his girls ssbbw

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