Porsha Williams Shouldn’t Lunge Anything At A Marlo Hampton

porsha williams might meet her match on those #rhoa forests.
marlo hampton is not the one.
porsha and marlo got into it in barcelona for the cast trip.
so much so,
porsha was sent home early.
this is the story via b scott
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What’s The Big Deal About Marlo?

Screen-shot-2013-05-27-at-8.16.29-AM1im literally now catching up on all my shows tonight.
that wine tasting table scene on rhoa>>>>>>>
( x watch here )
now i started getting into rhoa last season,
so i don’t know much about marlo hampton (except that scrap with sheree),
but why do people like her so much?
well kandi said she wasn’t a fan of hers last episode.
everyone online was so excited she was going to be making an appearance.
so why is she not on the show?
she seems like she’d be a good fit within these batch of messy chicks.
plus from what i see and googled,
mama is fly as hell with the threads.

lowkey: that big fight is next week.
the one we’ve all been waiting for.
thank god.

Shut The HELL Up, @TamiRoman

Is it me, or did she look REAL crazy after she had the drink?
And then she go and take that chick’s bag?
She know Kesha is not a fighter and honestly, Kesha did not say anything about her that was that serious.
The coughing incident is what did it for me.
From the time she got in my face at that table,
I would have ordered a bottle from the bar and knocked that bitch’s head clean off her shoulders.
Don’t even talk to me like that.

I bet the editors wouldn’t have fucked that up, huh?

See people know who they can pick on, so this is why they do it.
You teach people how to treat you.
Learn that quick Kesha.

Tami says that, SHE, is tired of being bullied.
Yes, you read that right….

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