Shut The HELL Up, @TamiRoman

Is it me, or did she look REAL crazy after she had the drink?
And then she go and take that chick’s bag?
She know Kesha is not a fighter and honestly, Kesha did not say anything about her that was that serious.
The coughing incident is what did it for me.
From the time she got in my face at that table,
I would have ordered a bottle from the bar and knocked that bitch’s head clean off her shoulders.
Don’t even talk to me like that.

I bet the editors wouldn’t have fucked that up, huh?

See people know who they can pick on, so this is why they do it.
You teach people how to treat you.
Learn that quick Kesha.

Tami says that, SHE, is tired of being bullied.
Yes, you read that right….

Tami Roman is tired of the negativity and wants “Basketball Wives” viewers to stop bullying her and her co-stars.

“Waking up to negativity on Twitter, negativity on Facebook, negativity on blogs, it’s emotionally and mentally draining, and things people say because they think they know you for watching you one hour of the week, it can weigh on your psyche,” Tami told Sister 2 Sister.

While “BBW” viewers have deemed Tami one of the primary aggressors on the show, along with Evelyn Lozada, she explained her somewhat volatile personality traits are the result of past trauma, including the fact that she was raped multiple times.

“The way I’ve dealt with things over the course of my life comes from deep-routed issues,” said Tami, who doesn’t think critics think about how people’s life experiences affect their actions when they comment on her and her co-stars’ behavior.

“Everybody has to respect the fact that people are going to take the journey and cross bridges when they’re ready to do it,” she said. “People judge based on how they would handle a situation. They don’t take into consideration how a person was raised. Everybody’s going to handle things differently.”

Tami understands why people have issues with the show. She even supports Star Jones in her attempts to challenge the depictions of Black women in the media.

However, she warned some vocal critics that by belittling her and her co-stars, they’re also toeing the line of bullying.

“You don’t have to follow me on Twitter. You really don’t. You don’t have to like me on Facebook. You don’t have to do any of that. If you disagree with how I handle something or the way a moment went down, you can say that and you don’t have to call me a b!tc#. You don’t have to call me a lowlife. You don’t have to call me a hood rat. You don’t have to call me out my name to get your point across,” she said.

It’s no secret that “Basketball Wives” critics can be a bit harsh at times. One Sister 2 Sister online user wrote, “Tami you full of crap…. You and Eve have no class, and are trash.”

That’s just one of the hundreds of comments Tami and her reality show counterparts deal with on a daily basis. Ironically, it’s not the sentiment that bothers Tami, it’s the delivery.

“I can take any type of criticism as long as you’re respectful to me, but people have a tendency to chastise and belittle us and not really realizing they’re doing the [bullying],” she said.

Insert another SHUT THE HELL UP here.
I wonder if she had to go up against Marlo Hampton, who would win?


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12 thoughts on “Shut The HELL Up, @TamiRoman”

  1. I am so sick of this drunk ass. Please get this silly ass woman some help. She is old enough to be Kesha mother. I am so sick of Evelyn and Tami and their ghetto hoodrat ways. I am glad that everyone is expressing their displeasure at this sad pathetic woman. I feel sorry for her kids, they are the ones who are probably the most embarassed at their “Ned the Wino Ass” momma. I am afraid that some other hoodrat is going to knock Tami ass out because she is going to take this show too serious. If Tami doesnt think that Evelyn and Shaunie dont talk about her ghetto tacky dressing ass she is delusional. I am over this coonfest.

  2. Tami is not taking responsibility for her actions. Instead, she blames it on her past. I too have had a rough past, but I damn sure aint acting a damn fool either. She needs to get her shit together, it’s that simple.

  3. I bet she wouldn’t run up on another crazy chick like that girl Saaphyri from Flavor of Love.

    I wanna see that episode where she fucks that white girl up over a bed. Lol

    1. I’m WEAK! LOLOL!

      The scary part is it felt like she was just laying love taps on that white girl. She wasn’t really made, just annoyed. I’d hate to see her fight for real.

      “54th and Crenshaw hoe!”


  4. This is why they are talked about. If u don’t wana be called a bitch don’t do bitchy things in national tv smh

  5. I like Tami.
    I like Tami not because she’s the most mature, but because she’s very upfront about everything. If she doesn’t like you, you’ll know. She won’t waste her time pretending to get along with you or associating with you knowing she can’t stand you.

    That said, I don’t think it’s okay to blame the way she acts as a grown woman on things that have happened in her past. I’m a full supporter of personal responsibility and every night you lay down to bed at night, you are responsible for yourself and nobody else. If she doesn’t want to be labeled a hoodrat, then she needs to stop her hoodrat ways. She’s a grown woman. Fighting on television is something little girls do.

    That said, viewers also need to realize that it’s a business and that it’s all entertainment. Season one of Basketball Wives wasn’t nearly as violent or drama filled as it is now. Why is that? Because we, as viewers, don’t want to waste our time watching a cast of good girls get along on television. That doesn’t bring in the ratings. So as much as we like to pretend as if we’re holier than thou and condemn the mess we see on these shows, we secretly love it. It gives us something to talk about and shade our heads at on Monday nights.

    That’s our fault.

  6. NONE of them “Basketball WIfeys” will try any of that mess with Shaunie. Hmmm. Let that marinate. I’d leave it at that.

  7. I really like Tami she is just the type of person you either gonna like her or your not. She doesn’t tolerate talking behind her back and being fake if you have something to say that concerns her say it to her face that’s all she is saying but when you running around talking about her she will let your ass have it and to be honest Tami has calm down her anger management is really working because if some shit like this happen last season Tami would have popped her ass. People don’t understand when you mess with Tami it can go down at any time or place it doesn’t matter if you are ready for it or not. Tami popped Evelyn’s ass with no problem and she popped Meeka’s ass. Tami is the type of chick that you have to back up what you say to her she will not let you say whatever you want to her and I respect that about her cause she doesn’t take no shit from nobody and when you don’t take no shit from nobody and you call people on their shit they want to label you a bully and call you crazy.

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