Kenya Moore: “The Real Registered Gun Owner of Atlanta”

i think everyone is taking this “reality show” life too far.
so it’s no secret that most people don’t like rhoa,
kenya moore.

she knows this.
what is scary is that there are those out there,
because of a fuckin tv show,
would cause physical harm to her.
tv should never get to that point.
well three jackals found out where she lived and paid her a visit.
they decided to hop the wall of moore manor to do so.
this is what the ny daily news has to say…
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So Nene Leakes Makes Kenya Moore “The Joke”?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.20.47 AMnene leakes is a comedian!
she is on a stage and telling jokes now.
the animals are paying to see her.
i’m sure there are many jokes that can be formed around:

“i’m a very rich bitch!”

well comedians tend to make fun of things that bother them.
kenya moore bothers nene.
so she decided to tear into her ass on stage during a routine.
this is what she had to say with video via the jasmine brand
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Its A Good Time To Be A Transgender on Reality TV

okrhoablack vixens out.
transgenders in.
it seems like caitlyn jenner has inspired a new trend.
well not really,
but it all seems to be a “coincidence”.
so looks like there will be a new alleged cast member on “rhoa”.
if you guessed it will be a transgender,
then you get 10+ foxhole points.
guess who it is…
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Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 6.54.28 PMi predict massive amounts of fuckery now that mama joyce,
kandi from the real housewives of atlanta mama,
is on twitter.

i hope everyone tries to be nice in her mentions.

tumblr_lttc2nAHYs1qht847this is somebody mama.

follow: mama joyce

lowkey: i wonder if she will follow todd?
ok bye.

Up Chuck

Bccq_dtIMAAtRbpwould you want ex baller wolf,
chuck smith,
as your husband?

a wolf who talks about all his conquests to your face.
maybe during a game of “truth or dare” it maybe fun,
but otherwise,
that is a complete violation.
i caught up on rhoa,
since the shit has been boring me to death,
but i did watch the episode last night.
i was a little blown away by the disrespect of how chuck was carrying on.
radar online has a complete breakdown…
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The Real Housewives of Bankhead: Season 6!

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-castthe real housewives of atlanta are back.
a sigh?
well it looks like this season 6,
they took a cue from LHHATL because they are scrappin’ unlike shows past.
you may need to watch this extended trailer on your computer until i get a youtube…

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