Derek J’s Boyfriend Is Better Than Yours?

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 6.51.18 PMeveryone is talking about derek j’s alleged man today.
an f-bi sent the reveal today and apparently it has shut down the internet.
apparently it’s because he is “the wolf of dreams and fantasies”.
they are shocked he is masculine”.
what they thought?
gays only cuffin’ queens out hea?
you’d be surprised.

x the united negro wake up call of what gays get

everyone meet derek j’s “alleged” man…
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Apollo Wants To Work Your Body Out


…and phaedrea too.
i don’t know about ya’ll…
but apollo is sexy as hell.
i am glad that he finally got a job.
i thought he was enjoying his role as “the real house-husband of atlanta”.
they have launched their donkey booty work out system training through their company nida fitness….

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Shut The HELL Up, @TamiRoman

Is it me, or did she look REAL crazy after she had the drink?
And then she go and take that chick’s bag?
She know Kesha is not a fighter and honestly, Kesha did not say anything about her that was that serious.
The coughing incident is what did it for me.
From the time she got in my face at that table,
I would have ordered a bottle from the bar and knocked that bitch’s head clean off her shoulders.
Don’t even talk to me like that.

I bet the editors wouldn’t have fucked that up, huh?

See people know who they can pick on, so this is why they do it.
You teach people how to treat you.
Learn that quick Kesha.

Tami says that, SHE, is tired of being bullied.
Yes, you read that right….

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Suck My Pickle

I don’t know if you been catching up
with the Real House Fronters of Atl…

But there are two new cast members…
But I don’t care about the model wife, her fiance, or the ghetto lawyer with the flowers in her hair at that damn baby shower….

I want to see more Apollo.
Preferby naked and in a porno starring Jamari Fox titled:



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