6 thoughts on “Tha Down Low Life?”

  1. Actually, their lifestyle and the what they’re showing is a pretty accurate depiction of some of the things that go on here. I notice how we’re quick to down them but really they’re successful black gay men and you don’t really see that being show in the media. But they aren’t DL, they’re the opposite.

  2. like Real House Wives of Atlanta they are going for catty..the only elite they are is in their own minds or the minds of the twinks hanging out at 708 or at 12th st on Sunday afternoon. Legends in their own minds!

  3. They are not supposed to be DL. They are supposed to be the GAY ELITE……of atlanta like the Alist NEW YORK. all just a mess to me and I be most of the ATL gay community doesnt even know who these fellas are.

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