The League’s Biggest Ho-Bags

Complex Magazine knows they…

*checks to make sure my name isn’t on list*

whew… anyway…

Complex Magazine knows they are wrong for this…
… but they are OH SO RIGHT.

Nothing worst than a dehydrated ho yappin’ off at the fingers.

10. Barbie Brittania

ACCOUNT: @Barbiebrittania
PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: LeBron James (Miami Heat)
COMPLEX SAYS: After the Miami Heat season opener, LeBron James is rumored to have sent his fiancee Savannah Brinson home so he could go party with several groupies, including Barbie B. LeBron clapped back to the rumors with angry tweets: “misery loves company and that’s what MTO and all them other gossip blogs are ‘MISERABLE’. We don’t believe u, u need more people. SMH” Uhhh, Bron Bron: Three different groupies tweeting about being with you seems like enough people. #justsayin

9. Draya Michele

ACCOUNT: @DrayaFace
PLAYER (S) LINKED TO: DeShawn Stevenson (Dallas Mavericks); Kenyon Martin (Denver Nuggets); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder)
COMPLEX SAYS: This 26-year-old video vixen seems to have no problem scooping ballers in and out of pro sports. She’s been seen shopping at K-Mart and chillin’ with DeShawn Stevenson (and semi-baller Chris Breezy) before most recently being rumored to be dating Kevin Durant. Why do so many stars fall for a jump-off with this long a track record? She gives ’em two good reasons, ya dig?

8. Jessica Rabbit

PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: Wesley Johnson (Minnesota Timberwolves)
COMPLEX SAYS: A baller’s cardinal sin: impregnating a groupie! If this is true (we pray it’s not), we wish someone would’ve put T’wolves rook Wesley Johnson up on game. A few weeks ago, the fourth pick of last year’s draft was rumored to have gotten well-known baller-chaser Jessica Rabbit pregnant. Rabbit had been linked to several NBA players (she’s followed by five of them) before allegedly hitting the jackpot with Johnson. This must be her theme song.

7. Sienna West

ACCOUNT: @SiennaWestLive
PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: Peja Stojavic (Dallas Mavericks)
COMPLEX SAYS: In 2009, porn star Sienna West posted a video on Twitter of her allegedly going to visit Peja Stojakovic while he was in L.A. Afterwards, West posted the explicit tweets above. Did we mention Stojavic is married to a Greek model? Yes, we did. You’re fucking up, homie.

6. Brittany Dailey

ACCOUNT: @brittanydailey
PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: James Harden (Oklahoma City Thunder); Jermaine O’Neal (Boston Celtics)
COMPLEX SAYS: Video vixen Brittany Dailey posted some telling Twitpics of herself and (allegedly) Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden. Smashing opponents (II) on camera? Dope. Smashing groupies on camera? Not so much.

5. Kat Stacks

ACCOUNT: @ihateKatStacks
PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets); Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee Bucks)
COMPLEX SAYS: Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez got into a Twitter fight with Kat Stacks after the industry groupie said one of her friends was with Carmelo in his hotel room. LaLa responded with a threat, but her hubby took it a step further by offering $5,000 to anyone who slapped Kat Stacks and taped the incident. Melo later claimed that his account had been hacked (right) and Kat Stacks threatened to file charges. Since then, Brandon Jennings has also got into beef with Kat Stacks over Twitter. Is it any coincidence that Kat was locked up only months after this tweet?

4. Deanna Marie

ACCOUNT: @deannammorris
PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: Joe Smith (Los Angeles Lakers)
COMPLEX SAYS: A picture is worth a thousand words? Yolanda Smith thought so—or at least a few tweets. Joe Smith’s wife got into a Twitter fight with the NBA vet’s reported mistress, Deanna Marie, who broke the “sidepiece code” by posting Twitpics of herself and Joe out together. For good measure, she made sure to put up pics of herself with Joe’s personal items, including his jewelry. Damn, everybody wanna be a starter nowadays, huh? Play your position!

3. Natalie Nunn

ACCOUNT: @missnatalienunn
PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: Ty Lawson (Denver Nuggets); Shaquille O’Neal (Boston Celtics)
COMPLEX SAYS: The most infamous member of the Bad Girls Club has been able to keep her name in gossip headlines since leaving the show. She has been linked to Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, NFL’er Vernon Davis, and big Shaq. But the one baller she’s got with and has hard evidence of hooking up with is Ty Lawson of the Denver Nuggets. Nunn posted this Twitpic of the Nuggets guard bringing it up the backcourt. What attracts all the ballers to Nunn? Maybe it’s the sturdy chin, word to Cam.

2. Mrz Anonymous

ACCOUNT: @mrzanonymouz (account has been suspended or handle changed)
PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: Dorell Wright (Golden State Warriors)
COMPLEX SAYS: Last spring, Dorell Wright’s girlfriend Mia Lee (@MiO_MyO) felt like professing her love for her boyfriend on Twitter and praised him for being a “great man.” Well, that was all it took for the groupie wolves to come out. A number of jump-offs, including the etherous Mrz Anonymous, tweeted about their trysts with Wright. Mrz Anonymous even went as far as to post pics that supposedly question Dorell’s long-range ability. That’s no way to boost the confidence of a player who’s about to be in the three-point contest, lady.

1. Andrea, a.k.a. Candy

PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: Ronny Turiaf (New York Knicks); Lance Stephenson (Indiana Pacers); Matt Barnes (Los Angeles Lakers)
COMPLEX SAYS: Since Kat Stacks fell off, the groupie scene has felt kind of empty. Well, at least until Candy came along. In December, Candy claimed to be the reason why Matt Barnes of the Lakers broke off his engagement from Gloria Govan of Basketball Wives. Candy got into a heated exchange with Barnes, and even went as far as to post photo and text evidence. Since then, she’s said she has hooked up with Ronny Turiaf and Lance Stephenson. (Not exactly a groupie overachiever.) In her bio she proudly states: “Best DEEPTHROAT� in ALL THE LAND!! i guarantee it! OR ur $ back!” Only time will tell which kind of brain ballers decide to go with…

Source: Complex

They are like ho-heroes.
Or are they super ho-villains?

I’m also glad the OD SLOPPY BALLERS were mentioned.

Walk of shame, fellas?
Nothing worst than a hard dick attached to excited idiot.

Do better Wolves.


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