Foxx Can’t Control His Foxes

Guess that wasn’t the best night of his life….?

Jamie Foxx recently found himself at the center of a three-way fight, after the actor/singer reportedly dissed his longtime friend and former music manager.

It happened Thursday night at Hollywood’s Avalon nightclub where Usher was hosting a pre Grammy party. That’s where sources say Foxx’s “manager” of ten-years (we’ll call him “B”) spotted Foxx being accompanied by [another gentleman, we’ll call him “A”] as the two walked into the Tinseltown nightclub. That’s when B reportedly approached the pair and tried to enter the club with them, that’s when Jamie reportedly told security that B was not a part of his entourage – OUCH!!!

Insiders say a short time later, B confronted Foxx and A as the two men sat at a table inside the club (WHAAAAAAT???). The confrontation eventually lead to B screaming at Jamie, demanding the actor/singer to tell him what he was doing hanging out with A.

Witnesses say that’s when A tried to interject, provoking B to attack him and punch him in in his dome. Jamie reportedly tried to break the fight up and received a right hook to the head for doing so.

All parties involved were reportedly escorted out of the club, but B was spotted partying inside the club about 30-minutes after the altercation. Jamie and A did not return.


This is why you need to make sure where Fox B is when you are tryna creep with Fox A.

Wolf Jamie should know better.

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5 thoughts on “Foxx Can’t Control His Foxes”

  1. His joint looked fairly decent on those pics; so is his azz (u know me lol); but I need grown men (30+) to stop hanging out at the clubs…

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