Premium Meat Of The Minute: Gary Forbes

I have a thing for Spanish dudes.
I never had the luxury of getting cak from one.

Well does a Black and Spanish dude count?

Either way, I saw this dude in the red…

… and I was ready to signal for him to come beat these cakes.

Everyone meet Gary Forbes.

Gary Orlando Forbes (born February 25, 1985 in Colón, Panama) is a Panamanian professional basketball player who plays for the Denver Nuggets. The 6 ft 7 in, 220 lb (100 kg) swingman played college basketball initially at the University of Virginia, then transferred to the University of Massachusetts following his sophomore season at Virginia.

-thanks Wiki.

He on some ol “Devin/DADDY” status at this point.
He made me literally say outloud:


He is the type that would fuck around and beat this for free.

Who knew the NBA had some fine ones hidden the various slots.
I thought they only resided in college basketball.
There are plenty of “Gary Forbes” all over the Concrete Forest
but you know this Fox like to aim higher than others…




When you gonna cum to the crib?

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