Free Butt Cheek Feels; Today At 4pm

I was violated today. 

And not in ways I would approve of!
I had to come home and get my mind right because I was wild pissed!!!!!

So I bounced out the office early today to prepare for the long weekend ahead.

Since I’m not cuttin’ up at The Allstar Game,
Jamari is finally taking some time to kick back and relax.

Anyway, I get on the train and of course it was packed.
I’m standing there next to Musty Armpit’s and Miss Ghetto Barquisimeto,
I felt something poking me in my cheeks.
I thought someone’s suitcase was under my ass or something.
I thought nothing of it and moved up a little.

Well that poke suddenly became a rub


All of a sudden, that hand started rubbing on my left cheek.
It was straight massaging my joint.
I’m trying to see who it was,
turning around and shit,
but I couldn’t all the way because I had my leather jacket on + I had a couple bags in my hands.

I’m clenching my cheeks together and I don’t know if that was cue to rub deeper.
I started getting TITE.

First off, I don’t like ANYONE touching me.
Second, at least buy me a dinner and a few drinks before you start molesting a Fox.

I thought the person was some short fat woman.
When I figured out who it was,
It was a short fat Mexican man!!!

He bolted his fat ass off at the next stop.

I was ready to put my boot in his muthafuckin jaw.


Are we molesting random people on public transpiration in 2011 now?
Did he think I was going to let him finger pop me in there?

I feel so used.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Free Butt Cheek Feels; Today At 4pm”

        1. LOL I mean, Devin could have sent for me and personally requested a feel. His “cake feelin assistant” was enjoying his job a little too much. Maybe he was getting paid overtime?

  1. Unfortunately that is what’s hot on the streets nowadays — usually moreso from my women-friends, though…

    So you’re saying if he was fine, you’d still be upset? *side-eye* lol

  2. I’m from Brooklyn and years ago, this same damn thing happened to me on the Brooklyn-bound IRT. It was also and older Latino male (short and fat). He almost got punched in the face.

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