I’d Rather Dez Bryant’s Number Be “69”

why does he have to share the same number with Emmanuel?

dez is just fine, ain’t he?
he looks like he don’t know what “making love” is.
he just sticks and moves.
i imagine he uses that same face in that above picture.
i haven’t posted about dez in a while.
let’s catch up…

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Rejected. Curved. “HE DONT WANT YOUR ASS!”… Same thing, really.

Rejection is a bitch, ain’t it?
ESPECIALLY from someone like this:

or even this:

You see the Wolf of your dreams and you must have him.
Why wouldn’t he want you? – you ask.
You are cute, have a great personality, and a smile that can light up the room.
Shit, fuck that, YOU ARE SEXY.
You are perfect.
So you think you have what it takes and go after your Wolf.

Only to get CURVED.

You play it off like you are good and that asshole didn’t know what he is missing.

Uh huh. Yeah. Shit.


You think it is over, but it isn’t.
There is a lot more to come after that rejection.

How do you really react when you are rejected?

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Premium Meat Of The Minute: Gary Forbes

I have a thing for Spanish dudes.
I never had the luxury of getting cak from one.

Well does a Black and Spanish dude count?

Either way, I saw this dude in the red…

… and I was ready to signal for him to come beat these cakes.

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