Moment of Honesty (1)


She gets on my nerves but….

…I would have NO ISSUE letting her husband lay some serious pipe in my soil.

Lord forgive me.

SIDEBAR: I heard Andy asked Apollo if he was ever involved with dudes.
Now I didn’t get to see it but I hear Apollo got ODee uncomfortable.
Apollo… when that red queen spotted you at that party,
I’m still trying to figure out what he meant by “my FRIEND” introduced us.

8 thoughts on “Moment of Honesty (1)

  1. who is the lady singing in the back when it first started/, I think people only think he so fine causes he has light skin. hes a good looking young man but some people really GO IN on his looks.

  2. She really does seem like thirst. She’s got the career and she knows how to throw shade to the ladies but it does look like Apollo is having his way with her. Shame. And lol @ swiping his pipe between cheeks. I can’t help but wanna know how well he’s swinging. I sure Ms. Lisa Wu-Hartwells hubby too. have you seen his calender?!

  3. i read an interview with sherri’s hairdresser lawrence where they asked him was apollo gay & he said that his friend was a female and he felt bad they edited it to make it seem like he knew something about him…

  4. Yo, I think that everytime I watch their scenes. Her lips are always greased up ready to go in on his missle. He seems like he can talk the panties off anybody. “Mmmmhhmmmm”

    1. rock…
      he is a hustler.
      he isn’t fooling this Fox.
      he fooled her cause she seems like thrist.
      he looks like he uses his pipe as a credit card and swipes it inbetween butt cheeks for cash rewards (butt cheeks CAN be argued LOL)

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