Derek J’s Boyfriend Is Better Than Yours?

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 6.51.18 PMeveryone is talking about derek j’s alleged man today.
an f-bi sent the reveal today and apparently it has shut down the internet.
apparently it’s because he is “the wolf of dreams and fantasies”.
they are shocked he is masculine”.
what they thought?
gays only cuffin’ queens out hea?
you’d be surprised.

x the united negro wake up call of what gays get

everyone meet derek j’s “alleged” man…

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 6.50.26 PMtumblr_lgp5edqBoa1qfnqhso1_500i can not even hate if this is true.
he’s a good piece tho.
well done…

i guess derek j told us,
didn’t he?
i can’t/won’t even hate on them.
you shouldn’t either.
all i know is mine is coming.
any second now.
on the way.
he just lost that’s all.
that’s it.

lowkey: didn’t i post about his man before?
i swear i did…
either way congrats.

x go to derek j’s instagram
x go to his man’s instagram

story source: mr obnoxious

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Derek J’s Boyfriend Is Better Than Yours?”

  1. Well this should give some to guys like Derek who can get a sexy wolf like him. But Derek better keep his eyes open as you and I know that gay men will do anything to get a man like that especially when they are envious.

    1. ^agreed.
      no one would know who my man is.
      i would prefer us to live privately.
      one thing i learned is to never announce who you are dating.
      it always leads to drama.
      i ain’t above shooting someone in the butt cheek for sticky fingers.

      1. Derek J paid him well for the pictures. Is not his boyfriend. You have posted him several years ago. The McDonalds the picture was taken (chesire bridge) at is the late nite spot for several bars and strip clubs. Dude actually “models” at one of them. He is a favorite of several DL players.

      2. Paid for a pic. Nawl. I don’t believe that. After seeing dude’s instagram I didn’t think he was Derek’s boyfriend. Several DL players? DAMN.

      3. I agree! I will never introduce my bf to my friends either because God knows friends can be ratchet too when they see you with a good looking wolf and they don’t. That guy could be his boyfriend, I mean, not everyone look at the exterior of a person.

  2. Wow, im in shock right now. I cant believe this, not that they are together, but I know the boyfriend. Wow is all I can say, never thought I would actually know somebody on one of these stories. The boyfriend is drop dead gorgeous but knows it. He has been featured on here before under Meat. Im literally at a loss for words for right now. I cant even put into words my feelings on this, talking about freaking gagging right now.

    1. Update: I cant say for 100 percent for sure, but from what I found out this is not his boyfriend. This dude just loves the spotlight and attention and just pretty much your run of the mill attention whore, who probably caught Derek J eye at a function, and Derek befriended him because he is attractive. He travels to ATL quiet a bit, from what Ive been told. Let me clarify I know who he is, but dont know him personally, have been at a couple of functions where he was at, and have heard a little gossip about him, here and there. From what I have observed he seems to be a little conceited, but for the most part seems to be a cool dude. Very good looking in person, but has a very cocky attitude as well, but you cant take away he is a very attractive man. Now from what I have seen with my own eyes, he is not the most masculine grape on the vine, when I see him out especially if a Beyonce song comes on lol, but just in general he does not act feminine, I guess he could compete in Butch Queen Realness 🙂 Have never heard anything about any DL players, but heard he does have fans in different area codes who are really generous to him, but as with this story when the sources are queens, you have to take it with a grain of salt. My take is, I have seen queens like Derek J who get boys like this all the time, they have fat pockets, and in Derek J case, he has a little bit of fame, and he is able to get into the best parties and treat you to whatever you want, so just like pretty girls who enjoy the perks of simply being beautiful with str8 not so attractive men with money, there are many pretty boys who enjoy the perks of not so good looking gay men, who are able to provide a lifestyle many can only dream about. Im sure Derek, like any gay man who is able, just likes to surround himself with nice pretty eye candy, no harm in that.

      1. I don’t know why he is conceited, no shade, he is not even cute. He does have a good body, but that is it.And some points for nice lips and no more than that.

  3. I don’t know what to say.It seems in order to get masculine wolves we must let go of our own masculinity and start acting like women.Maybe Derek is the wolf and the wolf is the fox.I’m sorry but I can’t pretend there’s anything attractive about Derek.Maybe he’s funny.

    1. Again, this has been going on, and it will keep happening man. Queens don’t date each other lol They are getting dick from masc. men and it’s always been that way.

  4. I’m not sure they are together. They just took a hugged up pic. Judging from his instagram the guy seems a little young. Definitely gay (SGL rather), but I don’t think they’re a couple.

    SideNote: Derek J’s self expression is…….interesting. I’m trying.To each his own though.

  5. I am so angry…..with so of the comments on here. Here is why. Y’all are acting like this shit is new. Queens been pulling masc men for years, and there is no reason to hate. We all have been with masc men who like other masc men like us, they exist. Y’all know this. I walk around all day, and fellow masc men stare at me. They speak to me, give me head nods, and look me up and down. As long as that happens I’m good lol. Without that I’ll still be good. I speak to people and open myself up to get to know them, so they know how to respond to me when they see me and do not have to guess. The way I see it, if a man is gay I can bag him with no trouble. I know I have the power to pull whatever I want. I drive women nuts without saying a word, and I’m starting to have the same affect on men. Anyone who is attractive has power, you just have to know how to use it. Having confidence in yourself is key to feeling good about yourself and not letting silly shit like this that has been going on bothering you. Derek J has the confidence and he is social and is NOT introverted and scared to talk to people and be noticed. That’s why he gets niggas that look like that, if that is in fact his man. You have to put in a lil effort to get want you want. No shade, no hate, just keeping it real as always.


    1. Of course he’ll be noticed.A fat black man in high heels and daisy dukes will be noticed and laughed at.I’m not trying to hate but I can’t help but chuckle when I see a man wearing women’s clothing.The least he could do is put on a wig and make-up to help balance it out.You must have confidence if your a man brave enough to go out in public dressed in women’s clothing and women’s shoes.Clearly he’s social, to have such a proud stance while posing for a picture in McDonald’s while wearing that outfit.I mean really Derek, you probably have bras and panties on underneath the clothing as well.Damn, does he sleep in high heels.Women don’t even wear them as much as he does.

      1. I don’t find the way he looks flattering either. C’mon Zen, you know you understood what I said in that paragraph. Don’t be like that man.

    2. yes the man i agree but Derek j is a hot ass mess to me but has man is fine . i dontunderstand what all the shade is from i smell haters?? lol

      1. I think so too. If that is the case I don’t get it. They have seen this stuff before, we all have. Just like hoodrat females pull fine pro athletes.

  6. Congrats to Derek & his boy if this is true.

    I honestly don’t care anymore as I used to wonder how these niggas was pulling these fine wolves but I thought about it like “why am I putting so much emphasis on what type of man I want when I can make sure that I have those qualities myself. I’m masculine bisexual man and would like another masculine bi man if I decide to be with a man.

    It’s almost like gay/bi men put “masculine wolves” on a pedestal like they have to be good enough to be chosen by these wolves and im just like 9/10 if they do want to fuck with you that’s all its gonna be is a fuck because they have about 20,000 other groupie bottoms waiting to bust it wide open and you know alot of them can’t turn down a open wet ass so its like even if you do get with your “dream wolf” most likey they just see you as another number.

    Not in all cases but it happens more often than none.

  7. when you have money and power, it can take a ugly person and make them attractive. derek j just using his fame to meet the niggas he want. ask tyler perry.

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