Apollo Wants To Work Your Body Out


…and phaedrea too.
i don’t know about ya’ll…
but apollo is sexy as hell.
i am glad that he finally got a job.
i thought he was enjoying his role as “the real house-husband of atlanta”.
they have launched their donkey booty work out system training through their company nida fitness….

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tWXYsX1Hkw]

that is for the foxes/wolves/and hybrids who want to really work out.
apollo is going to have you doing some prison yard training.

for the vixens,
they will tag team and do a donkey booty work out.
she was saying it will be a work out to get a fat ol donkey ass without sweating out a weave.
curious to see this.
it’ll be called “phine body work out” and will be available december 11th on dvd.
they took some promo shots for their new venture…


no doubt phaedra is making that money.
she is an entertainment lawyer,
funeral home director,
and now doing work out videos?

i had the wrong impression of phaedra.
i judged her from her first season on that show.
see:  those flower petals she had on her eyelids for her baby shower.
thank god she toned it down as the seasons went on.
i guess people are really serious about this:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix65yTdkg_o]

they should have hired sheree.
her body is super crazy.

i gotta ask…
who is going to get worked out by this two-some?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Apollo Wants To Work Your Body Out”

  1. He works out at a gym I used to go to.

    He’s mildly attractive and shorter than what I expected.

  2. Apollo does look short in that video. Surprised that Phaedra knows Que from Day 26 and I won’t even talk about the foxes and wolves that I saw there.

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