How About We Play “The Church Wolf Meets The Heathen Fox”?

i was up until 4 last night watching movies.
i figured after magic mike,
i would get some church in my life.
on netflix,
i decided to watch a movie called church girl.
i don’t know why robin givens is so noticeable in that poster.
if you blinked,
you missed her.
it was a church play about 3 church girls who go wrong.
one becomes wrapped up in fast money and the rest follow.


it was pretty typical.
pray the devil out your system.
of course my heathen foxy ass saw the eye candy that kept me interested.
i was fallin asleep until he showed up…

everyone meet “delano“…

if you blinked,
you wouldn’t miss him and that body.

those arms and that side pec tho!!!!
the other wolf was fine too.
he is a little short,
but i’d let him lay hands on my body.

i did some f-bi work of my own.
his name is daniel johnson.
he is one of those holy wolves.
i can predict freak.
i got some video…


his voice tho.
i’m sure i won’t see him again…


more videos

probably not.

is it me….

… or do they always cast the finest wolves in these church plays?

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  1. Those arms, smooth chocolatey skin and big ol titties of his have me feeling some type of way.

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