The Racthet Hoes Get The Best Dick These Days

that last entry bothered me.
well, magic mike was a strange movie.
i was just there for the dancing.
but, that entry about that hyena who was giving the vomit head.
that was so odd to me.
i wanted to give that misguided hyena a hug.
he needed one.
or 27,000.
i watched the videos and asked myself how did he get to this point?
when did giving free head become the new fallback career?
was it society?
or, was it insecurity?
maybe if he took that skill he is so proud of,
and tried to turn it into a money making career,
he would be paid.
but i’m sure if you called him a “hoe“,
he would get insulted.
this is why i could never take these boys seriously.
they are okay being free hoes.
paying the wolf to suck him off.
who does that??!?!?

i had to ask…

Are these hyenas and jackals comfortable being ratchet?

story time.
this is about a fox i use to know couple years ago.
he was a discreet,
but you could tell.
he just didn’t know it yet.
he was okay looking.
out of shape.
he lived with his grandmother and she spoiled him.
plus, he had a good job that he could afford the nicer side of life.
his room was…. the shit.
he had every video game system,
big screen television,
dvd player with wall of dvds,
and a serious hooked up computer.
he even went out and bought himself a bmw.
what was the fox who had everything main issue?
he didn’t fit in.
he wanted friends.
he built this dream room for all the hood wolves/vixens in the neighborhood.
they would come over and he would play “host“.
his grandmother would cook and feed them.
they called her grandma and everything.
they acted like his friends and he would prove his loyalty.
if they wanted to borrow money,
he would give.
if they needed a ride,
he would be there.
he paid their way into the clubs.
he even let one wolf fuck some vixen in his whip.
he was the “go to” guy.
it raised his self esteem because he thought he was finally accepted.

well, those hoodrats were up to no good.
they talked so much shit about him.
would not answer his calls or texts until they wanted something.
leave his room trashed.
he even tried to seduce me.
he didn’t realize i was a fox just like him.
he was so desperate for me to like him as a person.
he must have shown me everything in his room that night.
i could smell the desperation off him.
the bad part was,
the fox thought that he could use those material things as a lure.
there was one straight wolf in particular he had his eye on.
he sealed the deal on his rep when it was revealed:

he was going to pay the wolf to give him head.


when i say they told EVERYONE?
they ruined him.
he immediately went into hiding.

last i heard,
he is still insecure,
but on a higher level.
he is still trying to buy wolves now that he is out and proud.
he is in a purchased relationship with some D/L wolf who he hasn’t got pipe from yet.
the wolf said “he wants to take it slow first because he sees the relationship as serious“.

this is after the fox bought him a car?

after he moved him in and they sleep in separate bedrooms?
they are under the disguise as roommates/best friends to anyone who asks.

“when you stand for anything; you fall for anything.

every time i hear the background of one of these hyenas or jackals,
i think of that fox i use to know.
someone who is so desperate for attention that they will do anything to try to get it.
if that means a face full of cum or an ass full of fist.
or in that fox’s case,
buying” someone to like him.

my pride is way too high for that bull shit.

i started to wonder about insecurity.
why are many people in this lifestyle so painfully insecure?
you could be out, in, or in between,
this lifestyle seems to breed the worst.
people who are trying their best to be taken seriously.
hyenas telling these vixens all our secrets.
 jackals being cum dumpsters on film.
too bad they go the road of ratchet to get it.
all they want is love and acceptance.
this issue of trying to fit in.
that role in life always comes with a price.
it sucks that if you aren’t like everyone else,
doing all that outrageous shit,
then you are the outcast.
who would have thought?!
the person who keeps his head… on his shoulders.
he is the problem with society.
kill us all!

when it comes to raising self-esteem and seeing yourself as top priority…

Is it easier said than done?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The Racthet Hoes Get The Best Dick These Days”

  1. Yes, it is easier said than done. A lot of people out there have low self esteem and are insecure, and don’t know exactly how to go about it. I’ve met some people who are like that and they are pathetic and sad. Even though it may be people out there who are judgmental, picky and mean, it’s still no reason for people to be feeling down and doing whatever they want. Me being the nice person that I am, I always find myself making people around me feel better about themselves so they don’t have to act out in order to get the things they desperately want. It’s sad to see someone pay for sex and let people walk all over them because they feel inadequate to everyone else. Buying nice items does not help one solve his or her insecurities because it starts from within, it’s a mental thing, and that’s what people fail to understand. Money and expensive objects can not buy happiness. It’s a facade if you ask me.

  2. I am not 100% with my self esteem (who really is?) But I am a different person than I use to be. I understand that walk but you gotta come out of that. You gotta learn how to love yourself first! NOT easy though…

  3. Although their actions may not be as extreme, the majority of dudes in this lifestyle are painfully insecure. Some just mask it way better than others, whether it’s through overcompensating (i.e. relying on looks and fucking as many dudes as possible just because they can) or just being catty towards others.

  4. his room was…. the shit.
    he had every video game system,
    big screen television,
    dvd player with wall of dvds,
    and a serious hooked up computer.

    that, is YOUR definition of “the shit” done

  5. This was heartbreaking to read, it can be hard when you don’t a place of love and acceptance to go to. I have low self-esteem from time to time and it can be hard but I’m lucky to come from a home where I have parents and friends who build me up so I don’t have to look for approval out in the streets. I thinks it;s best to remember this quote from daria,

    “Don’t worry, I don’t have low self-esteem. It’s a mistake. I have low esteem for everyone
    else.” – Daria

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