The Racthet Hoes Get The Best Dick These Days

that last entry bothered me.
well, magic mike was a strange movie.
i was just there for the dancing.
but, that entry about that hyena who was giving the vomit head.
that was so odd to me.
i wanted to give that misguided hyena a hug.
he needed one.
or 27,000.
i watched the videos and asked myself how did he get to this point?
when did giving free head become the new fallback career?
was it society?
or, was it insecurity?
maybe if he took that skill he is so proud of,
and tried to turn it into a money making career,
he would be paid.
but i’m sure if you called him a “hoe“,
he would get insulted.
this is why i could never take these boys seriously.
they are okay being free hoes.
paying the wolf to suck him off.
who does that??!?!?

i had to ask…

Are these hyenas and jackals comfortable being ratchet?

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