Suck My Pickle

I don’t know if you been catching up
with the Real House Fronters of Atl…

But there are two new cast members…
But I don’t care about the model wife, her fiance, or the ghetto lawyer with the flowers in her hair at that damn baby shower….

I want to see more Apollo.
Preferby naked and in a porno starring Jamari Fox titled:



He. Is. FINE.
A jailbird who I’m sure is slangin’ penis to keep a roof over his head…
and no doubt he is doin’ it well.


But is me or has been on SUSPECT WATCH all throughout that show?

From the Elizabeth Taylor queen saying he met Apollo thru one of his friends. You cannot tell me his “friend” was straight, because the way how his body language changed after he saw Apollo was telling me another story.


And then this shit right here….

Now I’m not one for my Wolf to suck on my… pickle,
but he had that crazy suction action going on in those shots.

I will say I have met/messed with dudes like “Apollo”.
… and that is ALL I will say about that.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Suck My Pickle”

  1. Oh really? Do tell. 😉

    And the queen w/the tea was one clue, but that pickle scene was mighty…suspect. But hey, I’d do him, so…*shrug*

  2. He is fine…and definitely suspect.

    How you gonna say you messed with dudes like him and not elaborate? SHAME! LOL.

  3. Thanks, Jamari. You always got your, err, finger on the pulse! Apollo IS something to see. Watchin the vid you posted where they are at the club, had to laugh at about :42 because Apollo seems to be givin some love to his bicep. And you can’t be mad at him because that bicep deserves some love!!

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