Breezy Wolf Gets Fucked In More Ways Than 1

^fbi .
what video is this gif from?


he just can’t seem to get his stroke of luck right.
breezy wolf is in the headlines yet again.
this like his 10th cover on “faulted negro daily“.
this time,
he has violated his parole in a big way.
you remember that community service he was supposed to do?
looks like he had his mama and team of enablers doing it…

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Suck My Pickle

I don’t know if you been catching up
with the Real House Fronters of Atl…

But there are two new cast members…
But I don’t care about the model wife, her fiance, or the ghetto lawyer with the flowers in her hair at that damn baby shower….

I want to see more Apollo.
Preferby naked and in a porno starring Jamari Fox titled:



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