Up Chuck

Bccq_dtIMAAtRbpwould you want ex baller wolf,
chuck smith,
as your husband?

a wolf who talks about all his conquests to your face.
maybe during a game of “truth or dare” it maybe fun,
but otherwise,
that is a complete violation.
i caught up on rhoa,
since the shit has been boring me to death,
but i did watch the episode last night.
i was a little blown away by the disrespect of how chuck was carrying on.
radar online has a complete breakdown…

NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, and their old pal Chuck Smith went to speak to the Boys and Girls Club in their hometown of Athens, Georgia.

The heartwarming outing to interact with disadvantaged kids went well — until former football player Chuck, who is now married to recurring RHOA star Mynique Smith, brought up how Phaedra had told his wife while on the Savannah girls’ bonding trip that she and Chuck had once been a couple.

“I said we had dated,” Phaedra explained.

“We never dated,” Chuck said. “We caught up with each other when you was a young lawyer trying to get in the game.”

Chuck went on to arrogantly tell Phaedra his version of their “relationship” — that she was just one of the many women, including her RHOA co-star Kandi Burruss, that he had used for sex as a young millionaire football player.

“I was THAT GUY in Atlanta. I was in my prime. I was from your hometown and that’s what it is. What describes what we really were? We’re the first version of the friends with the benefits, girl!” he insultingly said.

As Phaedra was silent in the back seat of Chuck’s SUV, NeNe asked, “So y’all had sex?”

“Hell, yeah, we did!” Chuck said.

He claimed he’d never taken Phaedra out on a date, as she claimed.

She said she’d been to his football games, and Chuck retorted. “I had six different chicks stashed in the corners. You were part of the team. You and Kandi.”

He said he was “kicking it with you and Kandi at the same time.”

Phaedra scoffed to Bravo’s cameras that Chuck had it all wrong: “It might be because all of the concussions, you know, he was a linebacker … he got hit in the head too many times.”

She was shocked that Chuck attacked her but concluded, “He’s hating ’cause I turned out to be something that he isn’t — very successful and he’s looking back thinking, ‘Wow, she’s definitely the one that really got away.’”

Meanwhile, Chuck not only ran down Phaedra during the car ride — he said Kandi was a nice girl, “but she was messing with multiple men.

“I made Kandi think she was special, no question. I lied to her.

“I was the big homie for a lot of people.”

Phaedra said in confessional, “He’s a jerk!”

if that isn’t a case “six degrees of separation”.
just the wild penis kind.
i don’t know whats worse.
^that or:

lowkey: how he gonna lecture these kids at being respectful to vixens,
but then turn around and show his ass in the car?
…and nene we see you startin’ shit.
you ain’t low.

read the full breakdown: radar online

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Up Chuck”

  1. First of all, Hell no. I wouldn’t want a husband like that. I believe exactly what the women said was true at the table in Savannah. But Mynique was the one to blame with her reckless assumptions and questions. If Chuck needed to confront anyone it was her. If we’re so strong as a couple, why does it matter who i dated/slept with in the past? “I got ‘im so what difference does it make? You dont have ‘im now” is what she should’ve taken into that situation.

    2nd of all, Chuck acted like HE was one of the housewives for actin’ so incredibly catty after blindsiding them with something his WIFE was so insecure about. You gone butter me up wit’ Ice Cream, Kids and Charity and then say i was a busto?!? He only said that because he felt he needed to downplay the former relationships so his wife would feel better. Makes sense as to why Kandi dumped HIM. I’m sure he doesn’t know WHAT to do in bed to fulfill Kandi OR Phaedra.

    *drops mic*

    1. ^his wife must have some self esteem issues.
      my man could not be in my face talmbout he fucked two people i associate with.
      if he told me in private,
      that’s one thing.
      these people get around nene and get stupid.

  2. This was some low down shit right here and made me cringe looking at it. Its so many dudes though are just like this and make you see the ugly side of having money and fame and thinking your shit dont stink. He was foul and this further let me know that wife puts up with a lot of shit and she seemed very insecure by the way. Why are people rehashing old shit that happen decades ago is my question. Let me not start on Queen B Nene Leakes, she has always been my favorite housewife even when she was acting a donkey in previous season, but my love of her has worn thin. She will not let Phaedra make it for nothing, she is clearly jealous of her, I admit Phaedra can be a bit much with the phony Southern Belle act she does but as women you need to defend your sister and treat her better when a jerk like this was going in. She should have shut that down and put Chuck in check. It is clear he respects no women. I rarely watch TV and this is one of the few shows I do watch faithfully but it is going on the chopping block as well, these people are just living life so why am I even watching it, none of them have nothing positive to contribute to society in any way and just seem to be empty personalities with contrived drama. 2014 watch out, I cant no more with B.S and this is just a bunch of B.S about a bunch of nobodies are D-List celebs who are way past the expiration date.

  3. That nig ain’t shit. The way he spoke about both Phaedra and Kandi was uncalled for. This is nothing new tho, men speak this way about women all the time, but never to their faces. Phaedra and Kandi probably thought the relationship was more, but Chuck probably didn’t feel the same.

  4. He used to be very thirsty for one of best friends (female). Word on the curb is he has a very small dick and sticks it anywhere he can.

    Also, his wife was asked to be in the pilot. She told anyone who would listen that she would NEVER be on reality TV. Funny how things have changed.

  5. JF ….. think about the name! “big” Chuck Smith is far from big and if he’s not careful people in Atlanta are going to remember. How long before Baller Alert sniffs out why was he suddenly fired from his radio gig? why did he suddenly get married and fire off 2 kids? why did he leave town for years to “coach” in NY while his family remained in Atlanta? Hmmmmm !

  6. One rule I have is “just because something is true doesn’t mean that you have to say it.” His having had hook-up/friends with benefits sex with two cast members of the show who are also friends/associates of his wife’s is something that is likely true but should have been left unsaid. He could have said it privately to his wife and/or male friends but the way he said it was rude and uncalled for. He appears to lack class.

    What’s next: He’ll announce how good each are at sucking dick and describe how he sucked their pussies and describe the positions that they had sex? And they can describe his sexual skills and the size of his dick? Some things you just keep to yourself and share with none or few and if so in the right circumstances. “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.”

      1. You disagree with what? Do you disagree with the bromide “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”? (Which was used as short-hand to summarize what was previously written in familiar words.) Do you disagree with the expressed sentiment that discretion should be exercised in speaking?

  7. Chuck has always been a man whore around Athens and atl but from my understanding Phadrea ain’t lying chuck got good head skill but his petter wackier is ummm average to say the least

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