Kandi’s Talking Got Ya’ll Caught Out There

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 5.03.51 PMsince chuck is talking,
kandi is also returning the favor.
don juan has a game for you guys!
can you guess the song?
i gave you enough clues!
okay fine.
check below for the answer
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Up Chuck

Bccq_dtIMAAtRbpwould you want ex baller wolf,
chuck smith,
as your husband?

a wolf who talks about all his conquests to your face.
maybe during a game of “truth or dare” it maybe fun,
but otherwise,
that is a complete violation.
i caught up on rhoa,
since the shit has been boring me to death,
but i did watch the episode last night.
i was a little blown away by the disrespect of how chuck was carrying on.
radar online has a complete breakdown…
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