Kenya Moore: “The Real Registered Gun Owner of Atlanta”

i think everyone is taking this “reality show” life too far.
so it’s no secret that most people don’t like rhoa,
kenya moore.

she knows this.
what is scary is that there are those out there,
because of a fuckin tv show,
would cause physical harm to her.
tv should never get to that point.
well three jackals found out where she lived and paid her a visit.
they decided to hop the wall of moore manor to do so.
this is what the ny daily news has to say…

Kenya Moore gave intruders a dose of reality.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star whipped out a gun on what appeared to be two men and one woman after she spotted them trespassing her home.

“If you come over here, you are going to get a motherf–king cap in your a– … I will shoot and I will ask questions later,” the 45-year-old warned the public in an angry Instagram video following the scare.

“These are home invasions, robberies, rapists … What if your children or loved ones were threatened in this way?” Moore wrote in the post.

On Saturday, “The Celebrity Apprentice” star posted two screenshots of the individuals caught on her security camera, further offering a reward for anyone able to track down the suspects.

“Anyone who is bold enough to commit a crime, endanger themselves and others needs to be punished. Please help me identify these people. $1,000 reward.”

Moore included as much details on the incident as she could recollect.

“They climbed over a wall in order to circumvent my security gates and wall being bricked. They were driving a white car. The female was recording on her phone the entire time,” she said.

“Men showing up at your door is an immediate threat. Things could have ended badly and all 3 will be criminally prosecuted.”

this is why…
you can’t give jamari fox no gun.

you charge at me like a wild animal and i’ll put you down.
that is scary af tho!
glad kenya is okay!
there is too much crazy jackals out here.
i wish she didn’t put her home out there like that.
now everyone with a damn treasure map gonna try to play “tourist”.
one thing that confuses me

What would make someone just jump a wall on someone’s property?

what if she had a dog?
i mean a big one with like large teeth?
well i hope they find the jackals who got froggy and leaped a gate.
folks getting too involved with this tv show shit.

lowkey: lemme find out kenya don’t play “that”.
kudos on being armed sista!

article taken: ny daily news

pictures and videos: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Kenya Moore: “The Real Registered Gun Owner of Atlanta””

  1. One of the intruders posted the video on instagram and said she and 2 family members were the ones that did it. She acted like it was all fun and jokes. Smh just sad

    1. Wow!! People are dumb as hell. I’m not a fan of Kenya Moore, but I wouldn’t go this far to trespass her property to do what or say what to her.
      Kenya Moore came into the place I work at, which is a high end furniture and housewares store and she came across very nice and polite to everyone she encountered. I say this because actors play a role on T.V and are different in real life, some people can’t separate the two. Yes she is on a reality show, but a lot of these shows are scripted and directed to produce a certain outcome for ratings.

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