azealia banks is dragging alleged rape victims now?

kanye on saturday.
azealia banks on sunday.
it was a full attentionisto weekend.
azealia is so out of pocket for this tho.
she claims pop vixen,
wasn’t allegedly raped by dr luke.

these tweets tho…
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So This Made Me Do A Whole Ugly Cry (Praying)

so i’m listening to my spotify “discover lately” just now.
it picks songs that are chosen for me.
i guess based on what i listen to a lot.
this one song came on while i was ironing my clothes for work.
as i was listening to the lyrics,
i stopped and started to BAWL.
check the song out
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Jamari Fox Asks: Hasn’t Tami Roman Shut Up Yet?

Oh yeah Tami?….
Wasn’t this filmed months ago?
You are now apologizing to that woman?
Shut up..

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Shut The HELL Up, @TamiRoman

Is it me, or did she look REAL crazy after she had the drink?
And then she go and take that chick’s bag?
She know Kesha is not a fighter and honestly, Kesha did not say anything about her that was that serious.
The coughing incident is what did it for me.
From the time she got in my face at that table,
I would have ordered a bottle from the bar and knocked that bitch’s head clean off her shoulders.
Don’t even talk to me like that.

I bet the editors wouldn’t have fucked that up, huh?

See people know who they can pick on, so this is why they do it.
You teach people how to treat you.
Learn that quick Kesha.

Tami says that, SHE, is tired of being bullied.
Yes, you read that right….

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