azealia banks is dragging alleged rape victims now?

kanye on saturday.
azealia banks on sunday.
it was a full attentionisto weekend.
azealia is so out of pocket for this tho.
she claims pop vixen,
wasn’t allegedly raped by dr luke.

these tweets tho…

i would hate to be someone like ^this.
one minute,
it’s all love.
the next,
it’s dragging everyone and burning bridges.
what team are you on ab?
it just doesn’t make any sense.
i’m trying to figure out if it’s bitterness with azealia.
she was on the right path to success with her first album.
now she selling soap and throwing rocks at everyone,
including artists she has worked with.
( x her dragging lana del rey )
it’s baffling to me.

lowkey: she gonna turn on kanye soon.
you can’t font me that she wont.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “azealia banks is dragging alleged rape victims now?”

  1. oh lord. Not this girl again. if she worked with Dr. Luke. her pussy must wasn’t enough because her career haven’t move past the starting line

  2. Every time you make a post about this woman, she is doing something negative, well at least the posts I catch. Does she ever take a break?

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