when your brother accepts you for being gay (thats 100)

i know a lot of folks who don’t get along with their siblings.
i know others who are tight af and have a special bond.
it’s so beautiful to see.
one of the foxholers sent me this video and i nearly cried.
a rapper,
who goes by “yellopain”,
wrote a entire song to his brother.
it was his acceptance of him being gay.
it’s called “thats 100”.

it was really touching and i wanted to share it with the foxhole…

watch all the way to the end:

if only ^that outcome could be the case in these situations.
listen foxhole…
if you have folks in your life that will accept you,
that’s a major blessing.
many have been disowned,
beat up,
or killed for trying to come out to “family”.
do not take it for granted because you’re def blessed.
major props to yellopain.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “when your brother accepts you for being gay (thats 100)”

  1. I know exactly how he felt and feels about his brother’s acceptance, because I experienced it within my own life. My older brother and my sister have accepted the fact that I am gay.

  2. I cried 😢, of course, but then again I cry watching commercials 😄.
    IMO these are REAL traditional family values -loving,supporting,accepting your loved one.

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